Greenville SC Newborn Photography : Stellan

I will never forget this Greenville SC Newborn Photography Session.  Local friend and photographer Amy Bowman of Portraits by Amy Lynn and I did a model call to work on a few of our newborn poses.  Plus it’s just fun to hang out with a colleague!

Jeanette responded to our need for models with precious chunky baby boy Stellan.  I was helping Amy learn parent posing and standing on a ladder shooting down to show my favorite angle.  Amy was shooting away at my side and Jeanette just started dying of laughter!

We asked her what was going on and she said “I feel like a movie star with all these cameras in my face!”  Her laugh makes her look like a movie star!

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

Stellan was so deliciously chunky that he had this sweet eye ridge chub wrinkle (what do you even call this?!).  I loved it!  He was so sleepy and perfect as Amy helped me fine tune this sweet little pose.Baby Photography Greenville SC


Stellan and Jeanette, thank you so much for being willing to help Amy and I grow and perfect our craft.  Your laughter and your willingness helped us to grow so much!Newborn Baby Photographer Spartanburg
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