Aeralind Grace

Aeralind Grace (Hymn of Grace)

“I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.”

Psalm 146:2


(11 Sept 2010)

Aeralind Grace

…is a snuggle bug.  Thumb tucked in her mouth, head on your chest (or leg!) kind of snuggles.

…sings: really lives up to her name. She contentedly squeaks and sings as she plays.

…is a little bit apprehensive of new people: unless there is a cell phone or food visible.

…eats meat and fruit and peas. Other than that… all bets are off.  Unless, ofcourse, it’s on Bronwyn’s tray.

…a sign language learner.  Knows ‘more’,’all done’,’high five’, and ‘clap’.

…has some kind of secret crush on Brady.

…rarely cries, but when she does I come running. It’s usually an all out howl involving a cut or fall or the biggest burp you’ve ever heard!

…can climb the stairs at light speed.

…hardly ever sits still, preferring to flit from activity to activity.

…hates grass on her bare legs.

…looks really cute with a bow in her hair.

…is intelligently cautious. She treats her sister as a test dummy. “Bronwyn, ate that and liked it… I will too.” “She didn’t get away with that, I won’t try it.” “Bronwyn is doing something fun, let me do it too!”

…can stand up from the floor on her own (when no one is looking) and is trying a few little steps.

…loves “Goosey Goosey Gander!”

…will shriek with laughter if you raspberry her under her chin.

…growls like a dragon in response to our roaring (an attempt to get her to play chase).  Sometimes growls when she doesn’t get her way.

…is compassionate. She can’t stand to hear another baby cry.

… crawls around on one knee and one foot.  She started doing this while wearing a long dress and has never quit doing it!

…delights in being touched/hugged/kissed.

(11 Sept 2011)

…continues to sing.  Her sign for “sing” is the elbow on hand with floppy wrist from the beginning of Skinamarinky-dinky-dink.   She sings that and Jesus loves me right now.  But daily she’ll still walk around humming and singing her own things

…can be a drama queen.  I still hear about an owie that happened two weeks ago 😉

…is incredibly flexible.  She literally puts her foot up by her ear and pulls up on it to escape from her crib.

… can jump 2 inches off the ground.

… is a fish!  She can easily swim the short side of the pool with her Puddle Jumper all by herself.

… will not eat peppers, squash, or mushrooms… except on rare occasions and only when raw.

… would live off of pasta, fish, raw tomatoes, cheese, and fruit if given her way.  (plus anything with sugar, of course)

… can be shy/scared both of people and new experiences.

… talks in semi-coherent sentences.   “I need meelk.”  “Shoes.  Go. Gar (car).”

… chatters up a storm when she’s exhausted.

… is really attached to whichever doll is wearing Bronwyn’s first outfit.

… gets super upset when she seriously disappoints her parents.  A few nights ago she came down with quavering lip one hour after bedtime to announce that she had climbed out of her crib, was exhausted, and couldn’t get back in without our help.

… will not ask for help easily without prompting.  She prefers to squeal.

… gives the most amazingly strong tackle hugs!

… never stays still long.

… will clean up with a rag or broom on request.

… follows 2 and 3 step instructions and still loves to please.

… thinks crawling under mommy and daddy’s sheet is the most hysterical/entertaining thing in the world.

… will boss dogs and little boys (bigger than her) around without a second thought.

(11 Sept 2012)

…favorite phrase is “I’m a big girl.  I can…”

…loves Blue.

…would eat ice cream until she got sick if given the opportunity.

…loves to have her hair done: the fancier the better

…plays matching games and puzzles with skill.\

…gets excited over this song: 10,000 Reasons

…thinks an ideal day would be having mommy and daddy to herself.

…will sit still forever in concentration.

…often plays by herself contentedly.

…swims around the pool happily independent in her puddle jumper.

…adores mustard on her eggs.


…still loves burrowing under the covers more than anything

… has relinquished her puddle jumper in the shallow end of the pool.

… will retreat to a closet with a book when we’ve had too many friends over for too long of a time

… wants to be a “gymnast with the star on her leotard” when she grows up

… can sound out some words

… love to pretend to be a cat/horse/unicorn/imaginary creature of choice.

…will act out if she doesn’t get adequate one-on-one time/snuggles

… struggles with lying/manipulating

… can do forward roll and a donkey kick cartwheel

… has discovered internal motivation simply b/c Mrs. Valerie said “We don’t say can’t,” when she was on the rings at gymnastics

… favorite song is Amazing Grace…. followed by Skillet’s Monster