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Mommy and Me Maternity photos Simpsonville SC

When McCall walked in the studio for this session he was bright eyed and curious. Like most 2 year olds, he needed a moment to get to know me.  I let him click the shutter a few times and talk to me while he began to be comfortable in the studio.
Studio Child Photographer Greenville SC

The truth is 1-3 year olds are complete wildcards in the studio.  But I could tell that McCall’s mama April had read and followed a number of tips in my 11 Ways to Prepare and Young Child for a Photography Session.  McCall warmed up quickly and smiled easily while his mama changed into her gown.
Studio Child Photographer Simpsonville SC
While I do offer wardrobe for all my mama’s in the studio, April chose to bring her own clothing.  And April’s gown was the perfect selection.  In fact, I’m still thinking of convincing her to sell it to me.
Studio Maternity Photographer Greer SC
The light and airy colors and length are just the perfect compliment to my cream studio.  The dreamy lighting techniques showed off her new mama glow perfectly!

Mommy and Me Maternity photos Simpsonville SC

McCall clearly adored his mama.  Their bond over giggles and baby sister’s tummy and sweet hugs was just incredible.

Mommy and Child Maternity Pictures Greenville SC

McCall will clearly be the best big brother.

Maternity Photographer Greenville SC

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Seeking Rest: Ways to Avoid Mama Burnout

There’s a season for everything in motherhood.

Seeking Rest: Avoiding Mama Burnout Mama and Me Baby Pictures Greenville SC

A season for joy in every giggle.
A season for potty training tears.
A season for hiding in the pantry with a Snickers Bar.
A season for cheering loudly in the stands.
A season for saying goodbye to training wheels.
And a season where mama is falling to bits under the weight of stress and needs to seek rest.

If you’re like me, most days you’re simultaneously pretty confident that you are the best mom ever and that you should be squirreling away money for the counseling your child will surely need in the future.

But when the balance starts to precariously tip in the direction of you’re sure you’re winning “the worst mom of the year….” I’m pretty sure it’s time to seek rest.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been ignoring my body and mind’s mental cues for rest. But after spending three days away from most of my mommy responsibilities at rehearsals (rest in an unlikely season of busy), I realized just how important seeking rest is for mamas.

If mama’s cup is empty (and I’m not just talking coffee), then it’s impossible for her to fill the cups of her children and spouse.

So if you’re struggling to seek rest in your mama days, here are some of the things that help me avoid mama burnout.

3 Ways to Avoid Mama Burnout

  1. Take Time During the Day for What Recharges You.
    I almost wrote “Take time for you to be alone each day.”  And then I realized not every mama is an introvert like me!

    Maybe you need to take the time to let the kids make a mess out of the living room while you call your mom or sister or best friend and share a bit about your day.  Maybe you need to lock yourself in the bathroom like I do and just read a little bit of your book or doodle in your journal. This happens best for me during either nap/rest time or scheduled “go outside and play!” time for the kids.

  2. Do Something Monthly Just for You.
    A hobby like painting. A jewelry making class. A rock climbing workshop. A moms night out to coffee once a month.  Volunteering with your favorite organization.

    A weekly walking date with a friend where you circle the playground at Runway Park (gated for the little ones) or to Cleveland Park (not gated but you can use the Swamp Rabbit trail to get there and then play afterward).  Read a book that you’ve been eyeing.  Join a MOPS group.  Or do something crazy like I did and audition for a musical (or something equally as daring that you’ve always secretly wanted to do)!

    I hear so many women say things like, “I lost myself when I had kids.”  And I really want to encourage you to find yourself again.  Do something just for you!

  3.  Let Others Care for your Kiddos.

    This can be your husband (yes, I’m looking at you mama who doesn’t think your husband can handle your brood alone.  Let him! He’ll manage), your mom, your mother in law, your best friend, a mother’s helper, or even a babysitter.  I know it’s tough to let our babies be cared for by someone else.  And I know how hard it is to ask for help when we need a day off.  I promise it’s good for both you and your helper.

Studio Maternity Photographer Simpsonville SC


The soft curves of promise swell.
Expectation grows.
Mother’s love growing clear each day.

Studio Maternity Photographer Simpsonville SC
Studio Maternity Photographer Greer SCMaternity Photos GreenvilleStudio Maternity Photographer Greenville SCMaternity Photos Simpsonville

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Silas’s Greer Baby Safe Newborn Session

Silas’s mommy Jaden is the super talented photographer behind Rooted North Portrait Studio outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Her husband Mark and Jaden have been spending all of their school breaks (Mark’s a teacher!) in Greer as Mark’s father’s cancer became more serious.  This meant Jaden would be delivering Silas in Greer instead of at home.

Newborn Baby in daddys hands greer SC

So when Jaden contacted me about Silas’s newborn images, I was super excited. There’s something magical about photographing another photographer’s baby.  There’s a level of collaboration with another photographer that allows you to try new and exciting things like the image above.  We dubbed this the “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands” pose and it was our number one desire for this session.  It’s even prettier in black & white.

Newborn Baby in Daddys hands Greenville SC

Baby safety is important to me so I always want to be transparent about how impossible poses like this one are achieved.  The following editing video shows you how Silas never supported himself in this position.  Jaden’s hands or my hands never left him and Mark was super patient and still throughout the posing process which took several minutes. The final creation of this image was done in Photoshop as you can see below.

Silas also slept beautifully for the rest of his session to allow us to get so many beautiful poses to capture his newness perfectly for his mommy.

Greer SC Newborn Baby Photos in a Little Bed

Family images are my absolute favorite.  I’ve said, time and again, that if I could only photograph one thing it would be newborns in the hands of those who love them.

Family Photos with a Newborn Baby Greenville SC

Mama Baby Newborn Photos Greenville SC

Here’s a peak at our favorite images of Silas at this session!

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Cake Smash Photos Greer SC

Meet Augustus.Timeless SC Baby Photographer

This boy’s incredible smile and beautiful curls will light up anyone’s day. His mama Marquita was so excited about using the studio wardrobe to fit her busy boy.  Our classic clothing line means that most people spend nothing on wardrobe for their session with Quiet Graces.

Baby Photos SC Greer

This cable knit romper is one of my favorites.  It was the perfect backdrop to show off Augustus’s personality during his Cake Smash Photos in Greer SC.

Cake Smash Photos Greer SC

And Augustus is not short on personality!
Family Photos at a Cake Smash SCHe even hammed it up for the family portraits!

Photos with Family in a Cake Smash Session Greer SC

We changed Augustus into a simple knit pair of pants and classic bonnet.  His little curls sticking out of the bonnet stole the show, but like most babies at one year old, he was too busy to keep wearing it!

Timeless one year old Portraits Greenville SC

Yet, like most one year olds, August was busy!  Marquita and I got quite the workout chasing him around and trying to keep him in the good light.  Soon we decided it was time for cake!

Mom assisting with a Greenville SC Cake Smash

Marquita had chosen a Hungry Caterpillar theme for her son’s cake. Eric Carle’s book is always loved by these little ones so it was fun to watch the book come to life.

Cake Smash Photos Greer SC

His curiosity for his cake was precious even though very little cake actually ended up in his mouth.

Cake Smash Photographer Simpsonville SC

But cake finger painting and play dough fun is just as exciting (and messy) as a little one who just gobbles up the entire cake!Cake Smash Photographer Greenville SC

We finished Augustus session with a bubble bath.  This is my favorite way to end cake smashes because we are able both to clean up the mess and catch a few more images of your little one.

Bath at a Cake Smash Greenville SC

Augustus adored the bath and would have stayed in the tub for hours.

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