Fresh Timeless Emotional Cake Smash Photography Simpsonville SC

Are you tired of over done cake smashes and loving for a more Fresh Timeless Emotional Cake Smash Photography Simpsonville SC look? I love a pretty set (as you can see below), but for me photography is really about capturing the essence and personality of a person as they are right in that moment. Nowhere is this emotional side of my photographer more visible than in a cake smash. One year olds FEEL it all… and I shoot it all! Because I know, you’ll want to remember it all someday soon.

Fresh Timeless Emotional Cake Smash Photography Simpsonville SC

Reagan was feeling all kinds of ways about her cake above. And as I scan through all of those photos I took experience all of her emotions. I laugh at Reagan’s disgust at the texture of frosting. Then, I smile over her surprised look at the taste of frosting. I celebrate her joy at actually eating this cake. It’s just a treat for my feelings. This is what a good day looks like. And this is what I want to capture, not perfectly posed moments with sets so stunning I can hardly find your baby.

Simpsonville SC Family Photographer

So what’s included in a cake smash session with me?

First, time! A typical cake smash takes 60-90 minutes. I don’t try to rush your little one, regardless of whether they need extra snuggles or extra time to explore their cake.

Fresh Timeless Emotional Cake Smash Photography Greer SC

Second, cake! Christine from Baking Sweet Scents makes you a lovely white tiered naked cake that is included in your session fee. If you’d like to customize it like this one, then you can do so for an additional fee.

Finally, you have the right to choose. You get to choose whether you want a budget session with 15 images or an extravagant session where you get every image we produce. And you get to select the images in your package.

Greenville SC Child Photographer

And did I mention that family and a bubble bath are included as well?! Does this sound like the Fresh Timeless Emotional Cake Smash Photography Simpsonville SCn you’re dreaming of for your little one? I’d love to capture all their little expressions. Contact me by clicking here.

Fresh Timeless Emotional Cake Smash Photography Anderson SC

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Greer SC

Sometimes you just need a few pictures of your little one in Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Greer SC. You don’t need anything fancy.  You just want a few images to capture your baby’s chunky thighs. Or maybe it’s their new smiles.  Or maybe it’s sitting up or crawling.  And for some reason, your cell phone just isn’t doing the job you wanted.  These are great reason to book a Milestone Mini Session.

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Greer SC

Annette’s primary reason for booking this session for Andrew at precisely five month old was to recreate similar images to the ones she had of her daughters at the same age.  I love this idea!

Andrew’s Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Greer SC

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Greenville SC

At five months, Andrew hadn’t yet reached his sitting milestone, but he LOVED being on his tummy.  So we focused the first part of our mini session on this milestone. Isn’t he the absolute sweetest in this hat that his daddy picked out for him?

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Travelers Rest SCSwoon! I love a baby in a hat.  Add on the suspenders and I’m completely bowled over with cuteness.

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Simpsonville SC

And then we did the images of Andrew to match his sisters’s five month images.  A simple set up on a pillow to show your baby in all their cuteness.  This isn’t my idea, but I love it nonetheless.

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Travelers Rest SC

This thinker pose was all Andrew. I laughed so hard I had to put my camera down.  It’s always amazing to me that even tiny humans are filled with tons of personality.

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Hendersonville NC

Finally, I finished the session with some images of Annette and Andrew.  Annette confided in me that it was her birthday!  So I had to document their love for each other!  Happy birthday, Annette!

Simple Studio Baby Mini Photo Session Anderson SC

Interested in booking your own mini session for your baby?  I’d love to be able to serve you.  Click here and tell me all about the special things you never want to forget!

Little girl in Mommy’s Wedding Dress Pictures in Greenville SC

Is their anything sweet than a Little girl in Mommy’s Wedding Dress Pictures in Greenville SC? This is my third session with sweet AnnaDavis and it was her Father’s Day present for her dad. Isn’t that the best idea to surprise your daddy with? He loved it so much. I’m sure he even got a little teary.Little girl in Mommy's Wedding Dress Pictures in Greenville SCAnnaDavis actually requested a session with me and the wearing of “mommy’s pretty wedding dress” was her idea.  We’d done similar images several years ago.  I was completely flattered that she remembered the experience.  But then again, what girl doesn’t love a good pampering?!

Little girl in Mommy's Wedding Dress Pictures in Simpsonville SC

AnnaDavis loves a good pampering!  So we had so much fun pinning this dress to fit and spreading it out.  I love how she felt like a princess.


Simpsonville SC Child Studio Photography

Of course we didn’t only do wedding dress pictures. AnnaDavis brought her favorite dress for some more traditional portraits.

Greer SC Child Studio Photography

I love the splash of color her perfectly manicured toes supply in this image. I know AnnaDavis enjoyed that pampering to the fullest.

Greenville SC Child Studio PhotographyThis is probably my favorite image from the whole session. There’s nothing more beautiful that little girls twirling in sheer joy.  Add in AnnaDavis’s perfectly pointed toes and it’s just the sweetest.

Travelers Rest Child Photographer Studio Portraits Modeling Headshot

And then there was the dress for AnnaDavis’s personality!  How precious!

But I realized I just lied to you above.  The twirling image may be my favorite image for showing the beautiful innocence of girlhood. However, AnnaDavis conned her mama into being in the picture with her. “It’s kind of boring doing all this by myself. I want someone to be in this with me.” I love convincing mama’s to be in the images.  Their children think they are stunning, strong, brave, and loving.  They want to see in images how much they are loved by their mothers.  So maybe this is my favorite image after all.

Greenville SC Mommy and Me pictures

Looking to book your own session celebrating your daughter?  Wanting to include your wedding dress? I’d love to be considered.  These sessions are short (under 30 minutes) and sweet (twirling!) and result in images that really show your daughters personality.  This isn’t quick school pictures. We laugh and follow your daughters lead.  Click here to tell me about your session vision for your little girl. 

Seashore Theme Classic Newborn Baby Girl Photography Greer SC

This Seashore Theme Classic Newborn Baby Girl Photography Greer SC image was the request of June Marin’s mother Cortney. The name Marin means “of the sea’ and Cortney wanted that reflected in the session. She brought this crown from her baby shower as well as the starfish and I augmented this sweet set with some shells in my own collection. I love this image on my round wood print as you see it here. It’s such a surprising shape that works so well as a statement art piece. Cortney and Jason came in for a Mini Maternity session prior to this session. It was such a great way to get to know them. Maternity mini session fees are waived for my full session newborn clients. You can see their session here. June, like all sweet babies who visit the studio, had her own settling and soothing needs. She was a little fussy at session start. She finally settled into comfort inside this multi-wrap swaddle. Newborn babies are comfortable in warm rooms and tight wraps because that’s what mama’s womb was like. I try to make the studio and experience as womblike as possible. There’s lots of rocking and soothing and feeding time built into each session too. June was calmest in Jason and Cortney’s hands. Often parents hesitate to get into the images. I promise that your child will treasure these images forever. Be in the picture with them. Show them how much you loved them from teh very start. Print this picture in an album or for the wall. It’s that important.
Looking to book your own newborn session? I’d love to be considered. Please click here to tell me about the dream images you’d love to have on your walls. I’d love to create a classic set just for you.

Woodland Inspired Cake Smash Photography Greenville SC

Eli had a a wonderful time at his Woodland Inspired Cake Smash Photography Greenville SC!
Woodland Inspired Cake Smash Photography Greenville SC
Eli’s Mom Danielle requested this cute set. The moss background, stump cake stand, and simple diaper cover are studio standards. I use these all the time.  But the cake from Christine of Baking Sweets Scents really made this set! Danielle had an inspiration image and Christine made it happen.  A Baking Sweet Scents semi-naked cake is included in every cake smash session, but a special request like this can be added into your session investment if desired.  As you can see, Eli thinks that Christine’s cake is amazing.  He smeared it everywhere and ate fistfuls!

Woodland Inspired Cake Smash Photography Simpsonville SC

What a mess he made!  Watching babies react to the cake in so many different ways is my favorite part of every cake smash session. The range of reactions is hysterical: from digging in to being disgusted with the cake to crying because they have sticky stuff all over their hands the reactions are so varied.  I love capturing all of the emotions one year old have.Woodland Inspired Cake Smash Photography Greer SCBut even if the little ones cry during cake, usually a bubble bath cheers them up! It also gives you more opportunities for fun photos of your little one. Greenville SC Newborn PhotographerGreenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

This is my fourth year photographing this family. You can see his brother’s Samuel in Newborn and Cake Smash photos here. And here’s an image from Eli’s Newborn session. But look at how little he was! They grow so much in the first year.Simpsonville SC Cake Smash Photographer One of my favorite parts of working with Danielle is that she always chooses to be in images. She knows that her babies just want to see how much she loved them. She knows her babies think she is beautiful. It’s a small act of bravery for Danielle, but it’s a huge gift to her children. Travelers Rest Cake Smash PhotographerLooking to do your own Woodland Inspired Cake Smash Photography Greenville SC? I’d love to serve you.  Click here to tell me about your dream session.