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Simple Classic Studio Maternity Portraits Simpsonville SC

I had so much fun doing Mariana’s Simple Classic Studio Maternity Portraits Simpsonville SC! But let me tell you, this woman kept me laughing!  Simple Classic Studio Maternity Portraits Simpsonville SC

We had an absolute blast playing dress up with the studio wardrobe (click to see it for yourself).  I provide options to my mama’s to wear both during pregnancy and after.  It’s a simple service e so that you don’t have to purchase a dress just for one occasion that may never fit again. My clients love this feature.  I even have shirts for dad, big brother, and dresses for girls too.  Simple Classic Studio Maternity Portraits Greenville SC

Mariana had her eye on this dress the moment that she saw it! And she didn’t want to take it off. I bet you can see why!  But this particular dress is not just super pretty, it’s also super comfy.  I may have borrowed it from the studio wardrobe to wear to a ballet once 😉
Greenville SC Maternity Photographer

These two have a fantastic sense of humor.  They were laughing our whole session through.  I think this is one of a few serious shots I got the whole session.  Simple Classic Studio Maternity Portraits Mauldin SC

Their baby girl is a long awaited miracle.  In some of these images I can just feel the weight of that joy.Simpsonville SC Maternity Photographer Greer SC Maternity Photographer

Studio Maternity Portraits Greenville SC

Meet Nivya who came to me for Studio Maternity Portraits Greenville SC.  I love doing maternity mini sessions for a couple before their Greenville SC Newborn photos.  It helps me get to know them a little as well as lets clients get to know my studio location and space before baby arrives.  I love doing these so much that I waive the session fee for my newborn clients!Maternity Photographer Simpsonville SC

Nivya and Bejoy were an absolutely joy to photograph. They booked their newborn last minute and were totally on board to snag my last available session time before their little girl arrived.  Even when it was just a few days away.  Studio Maternity Portraits Mauldin SC

What I loved most about this session is how much Nivya and Bejoy made each other laugh.  Just looking at each other would cause explosions of giggles.  It’s so clear that their family culture includes so much laughter.  And, truly, laughter will make their baby grow stronger than they can imagine. Laughter is the gift that just keeps on giving.
Maternity Photographer Greenville SC

Nivya brought a couple of gowns with her for this session (which I love!), but I also stock a full maternity wardrobe which you can view by clicking here. Wearing something simple and neutral highlights your anticipation, but many moms also bring some more modern and stylish pieces to their maternity session. Studio Maternity Portraits Spartanburg SC

I particularly loved how this gown hugs her growing baby girl! Studio Maternity Portraits Simpsonville SC Studio Maternity Portraits GreerSC

Nivya and Bejoy, I can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl in your newborn session!  Studio Maternity Portraits Greenville SC

Are you looking to book your own Studio Maternity Portraits Greenville SC?  I’d love to hear about the session of your dreams and help it come true! Your maternity session fee is waived when you book a newborn session. Drop me a note by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Classic Timeless Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC

Meet Sebastian at his Classic Timeless Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC.  I’ll share a select few images here in the post, but if you want to see all the beauty contained in this session, please watch this slideshow below.

Sebastian Birth Announcement from Melissa Aldrich on Vimeo.

Jihan, Ramy, Elie, Evan, and Jacob were so in love with surprise baby Sebastian.

Classic Timeless Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC

One of my favorite moments from this session was when I photographed the siblings together.  These boys were so reluctant to hand me back their baby because they were just that in love with him.

Classic Timeless Newborn Photography Session Simpsonville SC

Jihan and Ramy almost didn’t bring the boys.  It just seemed like too much to have three active children in a quiet newborn studio.  (I get it! My three are very similar in age to her three!) But they followed my instructions to bring the boys either at the beginning or the end of the session and then to have them not present for the rest.  The boys came at the end of the session and we had a blast!  They felt like they were skipping school and I cracked very silly jokes that quickly endeared this ago to me.

Classic Timeless Newborn Photography Session Greer SC

This brother laughing images is how I will always remember the family.  Tight bonds and cheerful, grateful spirits.

Greenville SC Child Photographer

But, yes, this was a newborn session focused on sweet Sebastian.

Greer SC Newborn Photographer

This little guy was so curious at the beginning of the session.  Sebastian wanted to watch what I was doing and he made the most incredible eye contact.  Most newborns do not have the eye coordination to make good eye contact so this was just a beautiful experience.

SImpsonville SC Newborn Photographer Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

But eventually Sebastian did sleep.  And we created a beautiful range of poses that Jihan selected for her session.

SImple Timeless Newborn Photos Spartanburg SC2019-03-31_0059

SImple Timeless Newborn Photos Simpsonville SC SImple Timeless Newborn Photos Greer SC SImple Timeless Newborn Photos Greenville SC SImple Timeless Newborn Photos Mauldin SC

Are you looking to book  Classic Timeless Newborn Photography Session Greenville SC?  I’d love to be considered.  Drop me a line by clicking here to get more information.

Simple Studio Maternity Mini Photos

I really loved doing Simple Studio Maternity Mini Photos Greenville, SC for Mingwen and John!
Greenville SC Maternity Photographer

Mingwen was so excited the night before this shoot that she hardly slept at all.  I was so honored to be chosen to record this important season of anticipation for her.Mauldin SC Maternity Photographer

Mingwen borrowed these two gowns from my studio wardrobe and I love how they complimented the beautiful floral crown that she brought.  These images are so clean and classic with an ethereal feel.Greenville SC Maternity Photography

Waiting for baby is one of the hardest things to do, but Mingwen does so with a grace that just makes her glow.Simpsonville SC Maternity Photographer

I especially loved the interaction between John and Mingwen.  It’s clear how adored this little one is already.2019-03-31_0005

They just honor and adore one another in such amazing ways.Greenville SC Sporty Maternity Pictures

This was one of Mingwen’s special requests.  I love the strong connection it evokes.
Greer SC Sporty Maternity Photography

Mingwen and John,  I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby and see how your relationship grows.

Greer SC Maternity Photographer

Looking to book your own maternity mini session in Greenville, SC?  I’d love to be considered.  Maternity sessions are a great way to get to know me and gain familiarity with my studio for a newborn session.  Click here to inquire about your own session. 

Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC

Dear Mama,

Don’t blink. Those long exhausting and yet treasured nights with your newborn will turn into fun days playing with a one year old who has more personality than you know what to do with.Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

One moment you’re snuggling your precious baby and the next you’re doing a Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC.  It happens so fast and it’s so wonderful.2019-03-04_0005

Soon those protective older brothers who screamed and hid a bit during baby sister’s newborn session will be cuddling their little sister and making her belly laugh like no one else can.
Simpsonville SC Child Photographer

These faces, sweet mama, are worth the sleepless nights, the constant correction, the neediness, the endless repeat of “mama”, and the sibling rivalry, exchanging the peaceful hours reading for loud wrestling and excitement all the live long day…Greenville SC Child Photographer

It’s all worth it.Simpsonville SC Studio Pictures for Mothers Day

One day soon, you’ll wake up and your baby will have babies.  You’ll get to relive the delight without all the constant-ness.  But don’t lose sight of the right now joy.Greenville SC Studio Portraits Mothers Day

The joy of being sandwiched on all sides by a love you can barely contain.  Your little people are utterly amazing and that’s in no small part to you, mama.Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greer SC

The labor to bring them here is hard and the daily labor never ends. Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Simpsonville SC

Oh, but it’s worth it. Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC

I promise you, it’s all worth it. Simpsonville SC Cake Smash PhotographerGreenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

So when you see that beautiful face crinkled in laughter: celebrate all the work that brought you this far.Greenville SC Milk Bath Photography

I’m cheering you on, sweet mama.  You’re doing amazing.



P.S.  If you’d like to book your own Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC or Greenville SC Newborn Photographer, then I would love to capture for you how you feel each day as a mama.  Drop me a line here and tell me what you’d most like to remember.