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Zac: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Meet Zac.What is it like to have a child with Down Syndrome?

This 22 year old young man loves watching typical boy movies such as The Fast and the FuriousRocky, and The Avengers.  He can play them non stop for long periods of time just enjoying the plot lines.

Young Man with Down syndrome

When he’s not watching his favorite films, Zac is hanging out with his amazing girlfriend Kelly.  They like to go on lunch dates, bowling, and out to play putt-putt.  They also spend lots of time enjoying each other’s company through Facetime.

Picture of people with Down Syndrome Holding Hands

Zac’s tender and empathetic heart is toldly sold out for Jesus.  He loves being at church and hugging everyone present.  Worship music makes him come alive.  His mama often finds him praying and while she can’t always understand his prayers, she knows that the Lord does.

Should I abort my baby with Down Syndrome?

Zac’s smile and tender heart proves what his mama would most like to tell a mother expecting a child with Down syndrome.

That there will be times when things are hard but that just makes every milestone that much more special. They give so much more than they take.

They give so much more than they take.

Family with a Child With Down Syndrome

Zac, thank you for giving some of your time to let me get to know you.  Your laughter and joy made my cheeks hurt from smiling.

Photographer with Down Syndrome: Meet Kelly

In my two years of work with people in the Down syndrome community, one of the most common refrains that I have heard is:

I wish people would just look at me/my child as a person and not a diagnosis.

Can you imagine being labeled and limited because of an extra chromosome that you had no control over?

Down Syndrome Photographer
I want you to meet Kelly, a young woman I met because of her diagnosis, but who lives a life far beyond her diagnosis.Photographer with Down syndrome

Kelly is 27 years old.  She is active in a job that she has enjoyed for 10 years as well as the YMCA Recess program. Kelly has a boyfriend named Zac who absolutely adores her. You can see how special their bond is below.

Can people with Down Syndrome get married?Picture of people with Down Syndrome Holding Hands

Her mama Peggy adores Kelly and has walked alongside her helping her achieve her dreams.  Their relationship shows just how much a gift Kelly has been to her mama… and how much a gift Peggy is to Kelly.

Mama with her child with Down Syndrome


Kelly also aspires to become a professional photographer.  These images are from two separate sessions in our studio.  Both times I handed over the camera to Kelly.  The first time she took a few snaps of me, but the second time she wowed me by getting these beautiful images of her boyfriend Zac.  The eye contact and the joyous moments she caught… breath taking.

Photographer with Down Syndrome Kelly Vaughn

Kelly, I am proud to have met you and can’t wait to continue watching you flourish as you pursue your dreams.


Anya: Celebrating People with Down Syndrome

Meet Anya.

Celebrating People with Down Syndrome

This vibrant 16 year old adores the color pink.  She came dressed to the hilt in her “Night to Shine” dress from a recent event.  She won me over instantly with her shy demeanor coupled with her fabulous 50s style and shoes.  How amazing is this dress?

What is it like to have a child with Down syndrome?Low cost mini sessions for people with Down Syndrome

I seriously wanted to steal the shoes so much that I had to take a picture of just the shoes!

Pink Ballerina Flats

Anya loves to enjoy Icees and pizza.  She also adores her brother Sam.  They play games on the Wii U together.
Young Adult with Down Syndrome

Anya also loves singing loudly to her favorite tunes behind closed doors. She also enjoys watching movies on her iPad and fighting bad guys with her imaginary friends.

Parenting a child with Down Syndrome

Anya, your shy smile made my day.  I’m so glad that I was able to meet you and make you feel like the princess that you truly are.

Living with Down syndrome

Timeless Simple Newborn Baby Girl Photos Greer SC

Timeless Simple Newborn Baby Girl Photos Greer SC

Each baby that comes to the studio is amazing.  Each baby is unique (even the identical twins!) and with their own personality and likes.  Some babies don’t like to be unwrapped.  Some don’t like me to move their hands.  Some want a hand or blanket on their legs while I pose them.  Some smile in every set up.  Others have grumpy brows. But all of them have a beauty all of their own.  I love both parts of my job: showcasing that beauty and encouraging that mamas (and daddies) that created that beauty.

This little girl’s name is Lola.  When she was carried into the studio I gasped.  This tiny less than 7 pound brunette beauty had the most extraordinary caramel highlights all throughout her hair. I’m not eve sure these images can do the beauty of this feature justice, but look for it in the rest of of her images.

Frosted hightlight newborn baby photos greer sc

Lola’s mommy Polly said that even all the nurses in the hospital were fussing over her amazing hair.  I wonder how long these beautiful highlights will remain.

Greer baby photographer newborn south carolina

At the same time, Lola has all these sweet delicate features. Tiny eyelashes, hands, and even those tiny toes peeking through her wrap.  Tiny humans are just breathtaking.

Greenville SC newborn photographer

And then these tiny humans smile revealing a hidden dimple and bringing joy to anyone who sees it.  The wonder of it all… breathtaking.

Newborn photographer with tiny detail pictures in Greenville SC

What if you took just one moment and saw yourself as you were created?  The beauty in you is like the beauty in Lola.

Greer Newborn Photographer

Precious, Lola, may you always know your value and beauty that was treasured by your family from the very beginning.

I’d love to serve your family by recording all the beauty that’s already there.  Click here to learn more about working with me.

Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

Repeat clients for Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC are my favorite.  I really try hard to develop a relationship with my clients.  I want them to feel cared for during their time with me.  I want them to leave encouraged.  So when a client trusts me with a second or third baby, I feel like I get to take this joy-responsibility to the next level.

Mama with Newborn Baby on a Bed Pictures Simpsonville SC

But the best part is seeing the growth in the mothers themselves. Meet Loriele the mama of this amazing trio of sweet girls.   You’ve met her before here, but the growth since this session in her heart and mothering is tremendous.

Family with big siblings and Newborn Baby on a Bed Greenville SC

Loriele sat on the floor and nursed sweet Ruby (even though she could have sat on my bench) and she laughed delightedly while the two big girls played and posed for individual pictures.  Nora and Ella were relaxed and happy confident in their mama’s affection.   it was just so beautiful to watch.  You can see some snippets of this laughter in the video at the bottom of the post!

Nora and Ella have grown so much as well!

Children's Studio Photographer Greenville SC

And this show of sisterly affection is probably one of my favorite images of all time.

Sisters on a bed photographer studio greenville sc

As usual, we sent daddy away with big sisters to complete the newborn part of the session.  Daddy spoiled them with Chuck-E-Cheese while Loriele and I got to sit in the quiet warm studio and catch up.

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC

Hearing her share her desire to be out and about again with the two big sisters, but her deliberate choosing to rest and enjoy the newborn stage with Ruby was such a breath of fresh air.  Loriele knew she needed to heal and that her own healing would pay dividends in mothering calmly when it was time to take three under three out.

Newborn Baby Photographer Simpsonville SC

Simpsonville Studio Photographer Baby Newborn Child

Loriele, I have been so blessed to see you blossom and grow this past year and a half.  I am inspired to be a better mama through knowing you and your beautiful family. Thank you for choosing me to capture you again.

Simpsonville Baby Pictures

Thinking about finding a photographer to grow with your family?  I’d love to be considered!  Get to know me and start the inquiry process by clicking here.

See a few clips from this session in the video below!