What is custom fine art photography?

  • We start with a phone or in person consult (your preference) to discuss the story you want your session to tell.  You tell me what you’d like to do with your images and I guide you to
  • The day of the session I take care of everything from props for the little ones, to baby soothing,  to wardrobe for the babies and children, and I even do the laundry. 🙂
  • I spend extra time with either the new mom or the child I’m photographing at the beginning of each session to see how you are feeling and answer any extra questions.
  • We meet afterward to reveal your portraits and I delight in holding your hand through the process of picking the fine art pieces that compliment your personality, needs and decor.
  • The products I’m known for are unique. From a commissioned framed and painted canvas portrait to unique barnwood frames to fine art albums there is something beautiful for you to create.
  • No pushy sales or one size fits all collections here, my clients choose only what they want.

I really just want all my images on disk: do you do that?

  • Yes!  All clients receive a set of images with my watermark optimized for Facebook and web sharing with any product order.
  • Print released files are included with create your own collections or available for purchase on their own.

What are your Prices?

Why is your emphasis on prints and products?

  • I emphasis fine art so that you can enjoy your images in your day to day life.
    I want these images to give you hope in a difficult discipline moments with your child.  I want you to remember what love at first site felt like. I want you to have a home filled with beautiful art that tells your story.
  • Also, digital media changes rapidly. Think about if you had stored your family memories on 3.5″ floppy disks: at this point you’d no longer have access to your files.  CD drives are no longer included in many computers and as we move more toward mobile devices, who knows when the USB will go out of style. And while the cloud is becoming a viable storage option, even those remote servers can fail. A new negative can always be made from a professional grade print, but corrupted or outdated files can not always be recovered. 

Why do you only photograph newborns prior to 14 days old?

  • The type of newborn photography that I create occurs best during the first 14 days of life.  During that time, newborns are naturally flexible from their time in the womb. Newborn photographers refer to this flexibility as “womb memory”. This is why I recommend booking your newborn session prior to your due date. 
  • I can attempt some posing with babies up to about 4 weeks old, but these images are far less curly. That said, if you are the parent of a premature baby who was recently released from the NICU, I will be excited to photograph your baby.  Infants who are younger than 44 weeks gestation will likely sleep through a session and allow me to pose them in simple poses regardless of chronological age.

Are those images of baby really safe?

  • The image you see below is a commonly disputed pose among clients: either they don’t want me to put their baby in this position at all for fear of hurting baby or  they want to have images of this pose very badly.  Let me address both of these.
    Greenville, SC Newborn PHotography
    For the parent who doesn’t want this pose or is fearful of it: please tell me this in your pre-consult. However, I want you to see how this image is achieved through a Photoshop technique called compositing.  In the taking of this image, baby has never left the safety of my or his father’s hands. Additionally, for all poses where baby’s head is vertical or for any pose with baby in a prop: both compositing and having a parent or assistant within arms reach is always employed in my studio.
  • For the parent who wants this pose: please tell me this in your pre-consult.  However, I want you to know that not all babies find this pose comfortable. My training and experience will guide me in deciding if this pose is attainable for your little one. The newborn who does this pose is both extremely flexible and a very sound sleeper.

Do you offer a Baby Plan?

  • Yes!  Four sessions anytime during the first year and including a 12×12 fine art album is just $1299. Most parents choose Newborn, 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months.  If you’d like to work with me before committing to the Baby Plan, I allow the either newborn session fee to apply toward your Baby Plan session fee.