Portrait Lighting {Free Beginner Photography Class}

I totally thought about writing this post myself, but I’m pretty sure I can’t top the following post written by Annie at Paint the Moon.  So hop on over there to read this post and then come back here for your photo assignment.

Read Find the Light and Sparkly Eyes

Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting Assignment

Go on out there and shoot some portraits. 5-9 should be a good number.  I know this is a tough assignment for those of you who don’t have a passel of children to shoot like I do.  Don’t be afraid to call a friend and say you’d like to shoot their portraits.  Or even to approach a stranger with your mission: get the strangers email and send them a couple images as payment. 🙂

I want you to capture at least one portrait with sparkly catch lights in your subjects eyes.  The rest are up to you.  When you upload your images to the Flickr Pool, please tell us about the light quality in your photo.  Was is back lit during the golden hour?  Open shade side lit?  Tell me why you chose or what you like about the lighting in your image.