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Funfetti Polka Dot Cake Smash Photographer Simpsonville SC

Are you looking to book a Funfetti Polka Dot Cake Smash Photographer Simpsonville SC? I’d love to be considered for your own cake smash needs. Your session includes a simple set, a semi-naked cake, and an hour of studio time. Click here to tell me about your dream cake smash session.  Read on to find out more about Wynter’s Cake Smash. Greenville SC Cake Smash One Year Old Baby PhotographyThe last time I saw Emily she was expecting Wynter Rose. Click here to see her maternity session. The early Covid-19 quarantine season meant we weren’t comfortable doing a newborn session with all of the unknowns during that time but I was delighted to finally meet Wynter for this cake smash. Emily had dreamt of the session during her long season of waiting for a little one. For her, it was the ultimate representation of the joy of a miracle child she wasn’t sure she’d ever hold. Emily chose a funfetti, sprinkles, and polka dot theme and I loved it on the cream paper and floor!

Timeless One Year Old Pictures Travelers Rest SC

Wynter was a little overwhelmed in the new environment of the studio.  Often one year olds experience this kind of stranger danger at the start of the session. This sweet little crying image broke my heart, but as you can see with lots of mommy and daddy cuddles plus some Bonanza and Mickey Mouse Club songs helped Wynter be comfortable in the studio.Greenville SC Studio Baby Photographer

Christine of Baking Sweet Scents made this perfect semi-naked pastel sprinkle coated cake.  One of Chiristine’s semi-naked cakes is included in each cake smash session. Clearly Wynter loved her cake so much!  I’m pretty sure she may have loved the box even more as we cleaned up!
Funfetti Polka Dot Cake Smash Photographer Simpsonville SCBaking Sweet Scents Cakes Greenville SCSeriously, aren’t her little faces just too much!  I can’t even pick a favorite one!Mauldin Baby Photography Timeless Classic Fun Finally, we finished our Funfetti Polka Dot Cake Smash Photographer Simpsonville SC with a bubble bath in the tub. It’s such a fun way to end each session!Smash and Splash Baby Photography Greer SC

Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC

Is finding Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC proving to be difficult? Are you not a fan of the over the top sets and props and just want a session focused on your baby’s natural beauty without all the fuss? This is exactly the experience I strive to give my clients. While I do poses and use props, I try to keep the colors muted and showcase your baby just as they are. I also think it’s really important to respect your baby as a person during the session. Every person has positions that are comfortable and newborns are no different! Read along below to learn more about Ava’s session as an “older” month plus old newborn or click here if you’re interested in setting up your own session. Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC Ava was an “older” newborn which many photographers will refuse and recommend a session at six month, but I will never turn away a Classic Minimalist Newborn Baby Photography Greer SC. Older babies have more opinions on which poses are more comfortable and have shorter windows of sleep, but they’re still beautiful and worth taking the time to create memories for you. I loved taking all these little detail photos below while Ava was settling in a deeper sleep. Her little lips are adorable. Tiny baby detail photos Greenville SC Macro Photography of newborns Ava also preferred being wrapped. It was cozy and comforting for her and I loved her skin tone against this sweet mauve color. She really liked the coziness of this bucket and wooden bread bowl.Older Newborn Baby Photos One Month Olds Travelers Rest SC I also really loved Ava’s images in black and white. Her features and dark hair really stand out so beautifully. I provide both color and black and white of every image that my clients choose for me to edit. Black and White Newborn Baby Pictures Greenville SC Flat Rock NC Newborn Baby Photographer Finally, I had Ava’s mama Amanda join her daughter in the images. Most mom’s hesitate to be in images so soon after child birth. Our bodies feel out of sorts and feel unfamiliar. However, I always encourage mamas to jump into a few images because their baby needs to see how much they were loved from the very beginning. Plus our children think our love for them makes us so beautiful. Mama and Newborn Pictures Mauldin SC

Greer SC Maternity Mini Photo Session

I think a Greer SC Maternity Mini Photo Session is the perfect way to capture a few beautiful images from your pregnancy. However, it’s also the perfect way to audition a newborn photographer. Just like a bridal portrait helps you get to know your wedding photographer and reduce the stress of so many portraits on your big day, a Mini Maternity let’s you get to know your photographer, find their studio, and know what to expect from your photographers business process.  I was so glad that Savanna chose to book her maternity mini!Simpsonville SC Studio Pictures Maternity Mini Savanna also chose to book hair and make up through me with Cotton Rogue. Katie Cotton, the owner of Cotton Rogue did a wonderful job pampering Savanna. Having your hair and make up done is such a confidence booster.Greer SC Maternity Mini Photo Session Pregnant Mama Maternity Photographer Greenville SC Studio Photography of a Pregnant mama and Partner in Travelers RestIf you’d like to book your Greer SC Maternity Mini Photo Session to get to know me, click here!  I’d love to tell your story and get to know you!

Micro Preemie Miracle Baby Photography Greer SC

Somtimes I get to celebrate a special baby with Micro Preemie Miracle Baby Photography Greer SC. Meet Olivia! This precious girl weighed just over 1 pound at birth and is proof that sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. I mean look at the effuse joy this little girl has? Olivia is sheer delight. Minimalistic Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer Olivia came in for a Milestone Mini session. This session type is a great for budget a budget friendly option to capture just a few images of your baby. At around 30 minutes in the studio it’s also quick and perfect for keeping your baby’s attention in between feedings and naps.  Olivia was turning one just a few weeks after this session and so these images will help commemerate that milestone perfectly. Winter Indoor Baby Photography for One Year olds Grenville SCOf course, I couldn’t resist taking a few detail images. I live for documenting the sweet beauty of your baby right now as they are. This little hand and feet image took my breath away. The ephemeral arm and leg roles, those delicious finger dimples, and those tiny toes cupped in a Olivia’s hands are precious memories of a time much too brief. Detail focused baby pictures Greenville SC Studio Pictures of Children and Babies Travelers Rest SC Like all one year olds, Olivia displayed a huge range of emotions. I personally love the look of surprise! I think I was making elephant noises behind my mask (in the season of Covid-19). Unlike most one year olds, Oliva never once cried. She loved all the attention and her pretty dresses! Micro Preemie Miracle Baby Photography Greer SCAre you looking to book your own Micro Preemie Miracle Baby Photography Greer SC? I’d love to be able to celebrate you precious baby with you! Click here to get to know me and my studio.  Click here to contact me today to tell me your baby’s story, what you want to remember most, and book your session!

Timeless Studio Baby Photography Greenville SC

I was excited to see Marley again for six month Timeless Studio Baby Photography Greenville SC! If you’d like to see his newborn session, click here. Marley is a NICU graduate and his newborn photos turned out so cute. I can’t believe how much he’s grown up though!

Timeless Studio Baby Photography Greenville SCThe best part about six month sessions is the variety of facial expressions.  Also, from a photographer stand point: they still stay in one place long enough to capture all of those sweeet faces! From pouty, to amazing Black boy joy, to pensive, Marley shared all of his personality! Plus this sweet outfit that his mama brought is sheer perfection. Baby Photos on White Bed backdrop in studio Taylors SCI loved this image set with Marley’s Mama Ericka most of all. So often we mamas are ashamed of how motherhood has changed our bodies and reluctant to get into the picture.  But our babies just see the mama who loves them more than anything.  And honestly, the think we’re the most beautiful creature that they’ve ever laid eyes on.  Our love for our sweet babies makes us more beautiful.

Mommy and Me Pictures Simpsonville SCShortly after this last image with Ericka, Marley had an epic spit up incident. These things happen! However, because I have a studio wardrobe for babies, we quickly cleaned up Marley and put him in a new outfit. You can see my studio wardrobe for babies by clicking here. I love providing this perk to clients, not only does it save you money if you choose to use the wardrobe exclusively, but it also helps in the case of accidents like this!

To make sure his tummy was settled we moved onto some floor images. I so enjoy seeing babies grabbing their feet and capturing all these sweet details! Little toes are pretty much the sweetest thing ever, am I right?

Timeless Studio Baby Photography Simpsonville Greer SCSix month olds are still mastering the skill of sitting up so at the end of the session, I offered Marley some respite from all the exercise by placing him in this little bed. I think these images captured the most of his personality! Baby Boy in a little bed pictures Travelers Rest Black and White Images of Six Month Old baby Mauldin SC Greenvilly SC Baby Photographer Simplicity MinimialistLooking to book Timeless Studio Baby Photography Greenville SC? I’d love to be considered!  Click here to learn more about working with me or click here to contact me right away!