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Kylie’s Garden Fairy Style 2 Year Old Cake Smash in Simpsonville SC

I was super excited to do Kylie’s Garden Fairy Style 2 Year Old Cake Smash in Simpsonville SC. I absolutely adore watching my babies grow up. I’ve photographed Kylie when she was a newborn as well as for her first birthday (those links are clickable if you’d like to see her other sessions). Look at how amazing she is at two!
Garden Fairy Style 2 Year Old Cake Smash in Simpsonville SC

Kylie’s mama Beckyloves to be super hands on with session planning.  Becky wanted to keep the colors soft and pink with some really girly touches and lots of floral touches.  I think it looks like a garden fairy paradise!  And this floral tutu dress that Becky picked out is sheer perfection! The simple semi-naked cake from Baking Sweet Scents was clearly a hit as well.  This cake (decorated to suit your vision) is included with every cake smash session.

Becky wanted to include the gifting of a stuffed bunny which is a wonderful addition to a two year old session. Especially for this age, bringing a new photographable toy to the session is the perfect option to help a little one warm up to the camera and have something to do to stay still. Clearly we loved on bunny and then moved onto climbing the chair!  As you can see, it really helped get a couple of sweet images when Kylie was feeling a little shy.  I also really loved that we photographed Kylie receiving what will hopefully be a sweet childhood friend.

2 Year Old Cake Smash in Simpsonville SCAll 2 Year Old Cake Smash in Simpsonville SC include family photos and Becky took advantage of this opportunity and brought her older boys.  Becky borrowed her dresses from my mama wardrobe which is available for all sessions.  It just makes getting dressed for mama super simple!

Mommy and Me Pictures Greenville SCStudio Family Pictures with a two year old Greer SC

Studio Family Pictures with a two year old Greenville SC

Studio Family Pictures with a two year old Simpsonville SCTravelers Rest Studio Family Photographer

Are you looking to book your own Garden Fairy Style 2 Year Old Cake Smash in Simpsonville SC?  I’d love to be considered for immortalizing your family’s memories. Click here to tell me all about your vision for your session.

Two year old Birthday Pictures Greenville SC


Two year old Birthday Pictures Simpsonville SC

Greenville SC Cake Smash Photos

I absolutely love watching my newborn’s grow up so I was ecstatic when Jihan contacted me about Sebastian’s Greenville SC cake smash photos!  For a reminder of how tiny and precious Sebastian once was you can see the photo below or click here for his newborn blog post. Greenville SC Cake Smash PhotosThat mohawk! Good news! Sebastian still has great hair. Check out how his mohawk grew into these sweet curls.2019-03-31_0059

Like all one year olds, Sebastian was busy! Unlike most one year olds he was not just walking but RUNNING! He was all over the studio and tried to nose dive off the bed more than one time. I’m glad both Jihan and I were wearing workout pants so we could keep up with this tiny joyful mischief maker!  Luckily, this little guy fell in love with a deflated balloon with a hole in it.  Otherwise I’m pretty sure both of us would have marked work out off our plan for the day!
Simpsonnville SC Cake Smash PhotosSebastian is going to be a heartbreaker. I mean really, how cute can a one year old be? From his mischievous smile to those handsome curls he’s fully adorable.

Greer SC Timeless One Year old Pictures Wild Things Theme By the time Sebastian got to his Baking Sweet Scents cake, he had worked up an appetite! I provide a Baking Sweet Scents semi-naked cake for every cake smash session and decorate it with ribbons or little sign. These cakes are so good that I sent it home for Sebastian’s brothers to finish off.

Travlers Rest SC One year old pictures with Cake

As always, I finished off the session with a bubble bath which was Sebastian’s favorite part! He loved splashing and squealing in the tub and he FINALLY stayed one one place! Look at all the water on the paper! He flooded the studio!

One year Old Bubble Bath Photography Greenville SC


Are you looking to book your own Greenville SC Cake Smash Photos? I’d love to be considered to help you freeze this special time in photos. Click here to tell me about what you want to most remember about your one year old and inquire about availability.



Simple Dreamy Cake Smash Photos Greenville SC

I fell in love with the B family the instant Kayla inquired for these Simple Dreamy Cake Smash Photos Greenville SC. Kayla’s biggest question was “Ella never sits still. She’s a mover. Will it be worth it to even try to get these photos?”  YES!

Greenville SC Studio Family Photographer

It might look like cake smash pictures are all sitting still cute docile babies, but that’s just not true. Each cake smash session is a like wrangling a whole frosting covered zoo!  There will be running, crawling, crying, baby chase downs, and, yes, FROSTING everywhere when we’re done. I even have to clean my camera after each cake smash session!

Greenville SC Child Photographer

Ella behaved just as Kayla anticipated.  But I have a plan for active babies.  When they first arrive, one year old are a little cautious. They tend to cling to their parents and stare curiously around. This is when I take family and individual photos on my bed.  When babies start trying to crawl off the bed, it’s time for cake!

Greenville SC One Year Old PicturesSimpsonville SC One Year Old Pictures

I also keep mom and dad super close to baby at all times so they feel comfortable. One year olds have some stranger anxiety that’s perfectly normal so I recommend to my parent to bring clothing that’s comfortable to move in especially during the frosting extravaganza.  And Ella did not disappoint on frosting!  There was frosting all over mom, dad, me, the little bookshelf, and even my exit door!

Simple Dreamy Cake Smash Photos Greenville SC

Cake Smash with Siblings in Greenville SC

Even big brother had to get a little frosting action!


I mean look at this mischievous face! Baking Sweet Scents‘ semi-naked cakes (that I include with your session fee) are just this good!

Simple Dreamy Cake Smash Photos Simpsonville SC

Simple Dreamy Cake Smash Photos Greer SC

Finally, when your baby starts to get bored with frosting, I finish the session in a bubble bath.  I often say that one year olds typically cry either during the bath or during the cake, but rarely during both.  Ella cried during neither, but she was clearly a little high on frosting!

Bubble Bath Studio Photography Greenville SC

Looking to book your own cake smash for your baby? I’d love to hear your vision.  Drop me a line about your dream photography session by clicking here.

Newborn Photos on White Greer SC

The best part about taking newborn photos on white Greer SC is that I am able to highlight your baby’s natural beauty. While I do have a full set of props and some muted colors in the studio, putting baby on whites and creams will forever be my favorite. It’s classic and timeless. If you’re a sucker for whites, then please consider booking me by clicking this link. Newborn Photos on White Greer SC
This little guy’s name is Vihaan. He was such a sweet petite little guy.  I loved recording these simple images featuring his smooth caramel skin and fuzzy hair.

Classic Timeless Newborn Photos on White Greer SC I also love that Vihaan’s mama Kinnari requested close up images. These images, also called macros, help you remember just how little your baby was. The newborn season and it’s sleeplessness often means we forget little things.  But details like Vihaan’s peeling skin and little nursing blister and tiny little toes activate memories of this precious season in such a viscerally beautiful way.

Newborn Photos on White Greenville SC As you can imagine, babies do not typically sleep the entire time in my studio. I do give you great instructions for making sure your little one is sleepy, but invariably there’s a window where your little one is awake. These little yawns and cute faces are a result of Vihaan’s awake period.  Eventually the swaddle did the trick and he drifted off to sleep.  But I also took the family images while Vihaan was awake.
Newborn Photographer Greenville SC

Newborn Photographer Travelers Rest SC This eye contact is so unusual but I loved it! Isn’t Vihaan the sweetest?

Newborn Photos on White Simpsonville SC


Booking your Own Greer SC Newborn Session

If you’re interested in booking your own Newborn Photos on White Greer SC, I’d love to work with you.  Together we’ll plan the session of your dreams.  I make it easy for you with a studio stocked full of swaddles and props like this little bowl, headband, bonnets, and even a wardrobe to borrow from for you, your husband, and baby’s siblings. Click here to tell me about the session you envision and we’ll get to work creating the memories you want to record.


Asheville NC Newborn Photographer

I was overjoyed to be chosen to be Jen and Abel’s Asheville NC Newborn Photographer again. This is my fourth session with this beautiful family. Click here to see Henry as a newborn and then click here to see Graham at six months old. Greenville SC Newborn photos with big brothers
My studio is actually in Taylors, SC, but Jen and Abel have traveled to me each time and it brings me such joy to serve them and help to tell their story. I know not everyone will want to drive so far, but if you fall in love with my photography I’m happy to make arrangements that will make a longer drive easier such as later session start times.
Asheville NC Newborn Photographer

All of my clients are given the opportunity to customize their session by watching this video and filling out a questionnaire. Jen specifically requested hands on black and I love how this turned out!

Simple classic Timeless Asheville NC Newborn Photographer
Yet, my comfort zone is always putting baby on white. There’s a certain timeless ethereal quality to these photos of sweet Theo on white. I love how the lack of color helps us focus on just how beautiful each baby is. We’re clearly able to see all the precious details from his delicious back rolls to his sweet baby toes.
Greenville SC Newborn Photographer
Jen, thank you for trusting me with your babies and your story. But more importantly, thank you for always spending your time in the studio encouraging me. You are a gift and a dream client. I’m so grateful for you. Your boys and man are so lucky to have you in their lives.
Travelers Rest South Carolina Studio Newborn Photos
Are you looking to book your own Asheville NC Newborn Photographer? I’d love to be considered to serve you in this precious time. You can get in touch by clicking here. Make sure to tell me about your dream session and poses and what drew you to choose me to tell your story.

Family newborn pictures in Greer South Carolina