Final Assignment and Announcements {Free Beginner Photography Class}

Free Beginner Photography Class Final Project

For the remainder of the year, I want you to pick a project or subject that sort of encapsulates your mission statement or gets you all excited.  Then we’re going to compose a photo essay of 10-15 images around our subject.  You can use pictures you’ve previously taken or you can do a brand new series.  Use your big DSLR or use your phone camera. It’s all your choice.

When you post your images to the Flickr Group, you’ll simply give a brief description of what you wanted to accomplish and we’ll give critique on your work based on that statement.

Here are some ideas for final projects based on things I’ve noticed you guys capturing:

  • My town: your view of your world.
  • Never lose hope: on a transition of unwanted/broken things into beauty
  • Tender Girlhood: on the innocent musings of your little girl
  • I’m glad they haven’t broken a bone: on the incredible feats of your little guys
  • Running Behind my Husband: on your view from behind your running buddy.
  • Motherhood: These are my days.  The Glorious and mundane intermingled.

I’m going to jump into this final project with ya’ll.  That last topic is mine (though you’re welcome to steal it!).  My vision is a series of both self-portraits and portraits of my surroundings and surrounding people all in black and white. I’m going for raw emotion here.  It could get a little crazy… but at the very least, I will start appearing in my family images.  Woohoo!

Gratitude and Upcoming Class Work

I’m so thankful for the folks who have stayed the course.  Things slowed way down in the Flickr Group over the summer.  I really struggled to keep writing because I wasn’t seeing your work and comments on this series of posts were few and far between.  A couple of you (you know who you are) kept me going with your enthusiasm, emails/FB messages, and encouragement.  Thank you!

That said, I’m going to give this class a break for the month of October.  It’ll be a chance for you all to catch up on work from the summer, and begin work on the final assignment.  It’ll also give me some space to write, photograph, and soak in my 31 Days to See Beauty in Your Mess series.

Class will jump back into session in November with a bit of basic information on the types and uses of editing software.  Thank you for your grace in both enjoying this class and waiting through this October season of growth for me.  I’ll see ya’ll in November when hopefully the Flickr Group will be bursting with goodness from all of you once again and I’ll start right off by sharing your images in this space.

I can’t wait to see your growth and your vision for the art you were made to create.