Teddy’s Final Project { Free Beginner Photography Class }

The fun part about doing this class for me has been getting to know and love my “students” (all now friends) in my free beginner photography class.  I really feel blessed by these amazing people who stuck with me to the end.

From the beginning, Teddy wanted to make the most of this class.  He knew that critique would be the heart of the class and dug right in helping us all grow.  And I mean all of us!  He critiqued me frequently too.  🙂

Even from the beginning he had a very distinctive style.  As I began to get to know him better, I learned that he was an engineer who was extremely precise.  He brings this heart to his images with angular lines and precise composition.  But he also has a vision of what he wants to create artistically.  A heart that wants his viewer to see beauty in the unlikely and purpose in what might seem purposeless.

Here is one of Teddy’s first images.  The motion blur was a happy accident and the white balance needed lots of work but you can see the art he was longing to create in this image.

These are some of the images from his Final Project.