Giveaway Day 8: Justine Register Life Coaching

Operating a small business is work well loved but often hard and lonely with little support.  So during my “big” birthday month, I’m going to be sharing with you some wonderful businesses and each of them will be giving away one thing to one lucky person.

I’m sharing these small businesses because my heart is with the business owner struggling to make it, but really passionate about serving people.  Any given day, I may fit that description. 😉

This month I’m offering a Newborn Special coupled with a chance to win free sessions.  If you’re expecting a little one, read this post for details.

And now let me tell you a little bit about today’s small business owner.

Justine Register

This giveaway series is pretty much in honor of Justine.  She’s been coaching me for the past two months and whispered the encouragement I needed to face my fears of failure over and over.  Believe me, there has been a ton of failure in the past two months 😉

Here’s a little testimonial I wrote for her site to give you an idea of what she does.

Justine came into my life when I was right at the crossroads of deciding my direction in professional photography.  I had difficult choices to make about marketing and pricing myself to actually make a living.  But mostly I was facing fear.  Fear barking whichever way I went: pursuing the dream or giving it up.  I was scared to move.

Justine helped me move.  In our four sessions together (and in between), I developed a marketing strategy and took huge steps toward implementing it.  I walked into OBGYN and midwives appointments and dropped off coffee table books.  I talked to OBs about how I could serve them.  I asked a midwife center if I could help them by hosting a birth photography giveaway and placing images from that session in their waiting area.  I had the courage to call some folks who were targeting my target market and make real steps toward mutually beneficial relationships.  I applied for a Nasha loan to replace flooring in my studio destroyed by a flood. My calendar for 2014 is filled with post topics, email newsletter ideas, and a heart to serve and make an income with my business.

I’m not an organized person by nature.  I’m shy and generally intimidated by others in profession fields. In fact, I’m scared of promoting my business on Facebook on my own news feed!  I hate making phone calls.  And although I had to write a script for every phone call I made, I made those calls because I knew next week Justine would be asking me about my progress.

But not only did she hold me accountable to following through, Justine tenderly talked me through my fears.  I never felt as if she thought my fears were irrational.  And I always hung up encouraged and motivated to become the best businesswoman that God had designed me to be.

You know the most unexpected thing that resulted from our four calls together?  I’m actually teaching a small group of local photographers how to choose their target market and marketing strategies.  I can’t believe I volunteered for that gig.  Ofcourse, it’s coupled with a Noonday Collection Trunkshow so that my introverted self can escape for some downtime midway through the class before questions. Ha!

In these few weeks of our time together, I haven’t seen a lot of physical results yet.  I’m not getting more bookings yet or serving more clients; I’m pretty sure that will come in time.  But more importantly, I am different.  I’m not longer just a professional photographer; I am a business woman working toward making a living.

If you’re standing at a crossroad too afraid to move forward or back, give Justine a call because that’s exactly what I will do in the future.

Two Free Coaching Sessions with Justine Register

Justine coaches anyone standing at a crossroads (business related or not).

Life coaching is sort of forward based counseling.  It helps you work through questions of vision: where do you want to go?  And then follows through with charting the course to make it happen.  Please check out her website.

Ya’ll, this is an incredible gift. In fact it’s worth $250.  I sort of wish I could hog another two sessions all to myself :-p

Contest Entry Instructions

Leave a comment below telling me what your crossroads is.  How do you think Justine can help you chart your course through that area?

Make sure to include a way to reach you if you win.

Both Coaching sessions must be scheduled and completed  prior to February 28th.

Giveaway Closes on January 31st.

Winner will be chosen through a random number generator and notified on February 3rd.