Real Motherhood Moments: Bedtime with Sedryn

This kid.  From the top of his blond head to the bottom of his dirty cast-ed left foot is quite possibly the cutest kid I’ve ever met.  He loves his “blank”(et) and his “Baabaa” and he wants the individual attention of bedtime to last for at least half an hour.  “Sing my Jesus song, mama.”  “Sing great grace.”  “Guggle me.”

I pulled out the camera to capture this little one in his dark room so I don’t ever forget and hopped in a few pictures with him as well.  The photos are super grainy and slightly out of focus because of the darkness, but to me these are the same qualities that memories have.

Self Portrait Motherhood-1 Self Portrait Motherhood-2 Self Portrait Motherhood-4 Self Portrait Motherhood-5 Self Portrait Motherhood-6