World Down Syndrome Day

Dear Lydia,World Down Syndrome Day

It’s 3/21: WorldDown Syndrome Day. When your mama carried you into my studio almost three years ago now, you taught me the most important lesson: you are more alike me than different.

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Our culture wants to tell us that people with 3 copies of the 21st chromosome have less inherent value than those who do not. It’s the same with other genetic disorders, chronic illness, and, dare I say it, race.

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The truth is: we are all created in the image of God. There is something of God’s nature that only you can reflect perfectly, sweet Lydia

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Last week I played with you on a playground. I lost you for a split second after you climbed some steps and before you got to a slide. And when I found you, you were comforting a little boy probably one year your junior who was sitting just out of his mama’s reach likely pitching an “I don’t want to leave fit.” You hugged him tight and kissed his forehead and he visibly softened before you headed down the slide.

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And I teared up a bit (I know… rare for me), because you’ve done the same to me. Your life gave mine purpose and hope and encouragement.

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Baby girl, I’m so proud to be called your “No mommy”/Aunt.

Keep changing the world.
Love you!
Auntie M