Zac: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Meet Zac.What is it like to have a child with Down Syndrome?

This 22 year old young man loves watching typical boy movies such as The Fast and the FuriousRocky, and The Avengers.  He can play them non stop for long periods of time just enjoying the plot lines.

Young Man with Down syndrome

When he’s not watching his favorite films, Zac is hanging out with his amazing girlfriend Kelly.  They like to go on lunch dates, bowling, and out to play putt-putt.  They also spend lots of time enjoying each other’s company through Facetime.

Picture of people with Down Syndrome Holding Hands

Zac’s tender and empathetic heart is toldly sold out for Jesus.  He loves being at church and hugging everyone present.  Worship music makes him come alive.  His mama often finds him praying and while she can’t always understand his prayers, she knows that the Lord does.

Should I abort my baby with Down Syndrome?

Zac’s smile and tender heart proves what his mama would most like to tell a mother expecting a child with Down syndrome.

That there will be times when things are hard but that just makes every milestone that much more special. They give so much more than they take.

They give so much more than they take.

Family with a Child With Down Syndrome

Zac, thank you for giving some of your time to let me get to know you.  Your laughter and joy made my cheeks hurt from smiling.