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Session Fees

Nervous about investing a ton in a photographer you might not click with (pun intended)? We totally understand! Therefore we offer maternity, newborn, and baby Petite Sessions. These short and sweet sessions give you an opportunity to try us out for a small investment while still providing you the amazing experience we long to give all our clients. Packages with additional digital files and fine art products can be purchased after your session.  Click here to contact us and receive full package prices.

Session fees range from 99-199 and include 1 digital file.  We want you to try us out risk free and see your images before you invest in additional files and products.

Most clients invest an addition $199-999 in additional files and products depending on their budgets and needs.

Press Features

Studio 62: “Upstate Mother and Photographer Bring Awareness to Down Syndrome.”

Upstate Parent: “Great Photos of Kids make Lifelong Memories.”

Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy: “Miracle Baby Jaxson”

Stories and Kind Words


Greenville SC Smiling Baby PicturesWe chose Melissa to be our newborn photographer based on her online portfolio and because she offers packages that include all of the images from your session. We were drawn to her use of neutral backgrounds that highlight the subject, your baby! We truly couldn’t be more thrilled with our choice. As I said to her, we were completely googly-eyed over our sweet baby’s photos! Years of experience, skill with newborns/baby whispering, and a whole lot of patience are just a few of her qualities that ensure she will get those incredible shots you will treasure forever.”

Simpsonville Twin Baby Pictures

“It was such a pleasure working with Melissa! As a mother herself, she understands it can be a bit hectic the first time out of the house with a newborn, so she is there to greet you and help you into her studio. She creates a calm environment yet is amazing at adapting to the little one on the other side of the lens. We received BEAUTIFUL photos promptly after our session!”


Special needs baby picture miracle

“I wanted you to know that you taking these photos mean more to me than you’ll ever know. I missed out on the first days of life for the only child I’ll ever have. When I think of my baby, I see monitors and wires and IVs. I see blue skin and lifeless limbs. God delivered her from all of that and he did so while I was angry at him for sending her down that path. He healed her and gave her a miraculous story to share with people that need to hear it. And I want people to see the beauty that has come from the struggle. I want them to see her chubby cheeks and drool covered smile. I want people to see how her eyes light up with happiness and her feet kick with delight. And you’re making that possible. I am for certain that God had our paths cross for a reason and I am thankful that he did. I admire your beautiful perspective of the world and the generous heart in which you capture it.”