Bumble Gum Tops and Big Butt Baby Pants

Last week I went thrift store shopping.  I was looking for some tops for me and maybe even a dress to refashion.  However, pushing a stroller through crowded aisles, with no one to talk to, and with a bizillion racks of clothing filled with random items… well, it gets old fast.  I did however spot one adorable grown up gauzy spaghetti strapped tank that I just had to have.  I knew I wouldn’t wear it (I don’t even own a strapless bra that fits!), but I knew two little girls who might just look good in the yumminess of that tank’s fabric.  I also grabbed a 1x sized t-shirt to make pants to match.

And here is the result of that shopping spree:  The Bumble Gum Tops and The Big Butt Baby Pants

The tops are a modified version of my Grow Up Together Dress.  I love the sheerness and floaty quality that the fabric has.  Aeralind loves grabbing her top and swinging it around. Mommy loves that they’ll be equally as cute over a long sleeve top on a dreary winter day.  Sorry about the photo quality 😉  Getting these girls to sit still these days is like hog tying an angry elephant!

Unfortunately my 1x pink t-shirt only had enough fabric to make one pair of Big Butt Baby Pants.  I was testing this pattern for Rae and I can’t tell you how perfect the pattern is! If you have a cloth diapered baby and your sick and tired of their diapers hanging out of ill fitting pants then you need this pattern.  My head is swimming with the possibilities: crawler skirts, bloomers, shorts, ruffly pants, and maybe even faux jeans: all that fit over my girls’ huge diapers but don’t slide off because they are big everywhere else!

So what do you think? Much improved over this, huh?