Fabric Flower Tutorial

When I made this spring top last year, I had a ton of requests for a tutorial on how to make these fabric flowers.  The girls were around 7 months at that time and within a week or so, they just took off.  I haven’t been able to catch up on a lot of sewing since.  But I’m getting my sewing mojo back… so here it is finally!

Fabric Flower Tutorial

1. Find something circular to use as a pattern.  I used the bottom of a sippy cup for small flowers and the lids of cups for larger flowers.  Trace onto your knit fabric and cut out. I use 5 flowers for each flower.  (While you could easily use woven fabric for these flowers, I don’t because of all the spaces for fraying.  However, with ample Fray Check it might work out for the better)

2. Fold your circles in half.  Then fold them in half again.

3. Using a thick thread, sew basting stitches around the widest portion of each petal.  I think you’d be better off with longer stitches that I did here.

4. Without clipping your thread baste all 5 petals.

5. Pull the thread taunt and stitch the first and last petals together a few times to secure before knotting off your thread.

6. Cut a rough circle larger than your center.

7. This is the tricky part to explain.  I start sewing my center from the front of the flower with the right sides of the center to the right side of the flower.  I stretch and sew it as far as I can before flipping the center in and sewing from the back of the flower.  Some centers turn out better than others 😉

And that’s it.  Enjoy your flowers!