Fly Away Blouse

Somehow one day I stumbled on the Fly Away Blouse from Anthropologie.

I thought it was lovely…. and expensive.  Then I thought: I could make that!

I grabbed Collette patterns Free Sorbetto pattern and I got to work with a lovely piece of Radiance Silk/Cotton blend.

But try as I might… I could not get this silk cotton to pleat like that!  It just didn’t want to do it; the fabric didn’t drape right and stuck out in weird places.  So after an hour of trying my hardest, I just slapped an inverted pleat on there and finished it!


I think it’ll look a little sharper (and fit across the bust better) when I wean the boy… but I love how soft and airy it is and the fit of this pattern is lovely!

I added a 5 strand flat braid to the neckline.

Then rather than seaming up the braid I made a little loop in the back and covered it with bias tape.

I love it! I think I’d like to make a dozen more.

And for those of you seamstresses who stop by here and are much better than me:  Did I need to make a full bust adjustment or add length before the darts? I have an extremely low bustline b/c my torso is over half my height.   I added 3.5 inches to the length of the top to get it to hit at the hips, but I added at the hem.