Grow Up Together Dress: Revisited

I opened the girls closet the other day (as the temperatures soar into the 90s here) looking for something cool for them to wear.  My eyes fell upon the two Grow-up Together Dresses.  Perfect!

I thought I’d let you know how it’s working out this year.  Let’s revisit a second.  Here’s 9 month old Bronwyn modeling her dress.

Look how tiny she was!
And here are 20 month old Aeralind and Bronwyn taking their dresses for a run at the local playground.  

I didn’t have to modify the dress at all to fit, but I may have to lengthen the straps just a little by the end of the summer.  The length is perfect for a climbing and romping toddler: not long enough to trip her and long enough to cover her. And it’s so much easier to have hyper active toddler girls in one pieces for quick and painless diaper changes. 
I still love the Grow Up Together Dresses and the girls seem to approve!  Let me know if you make one 🙂