Growing Things and Things I Wish Were Not

The growing thing is of course my tummy (and the wee ones inside). I’ve been simply wearing T-Shirts and a couple of maternity tanks under my normal blouses. It was working pretty well, until I gained that last inch on my waist. Now the regular blouses are starting to ride up because they can’t stretch so well.

So I was tickled pink when my fabric order arrived today! I purchased two Ottobre Magazines with a large percentage of maternity patterns last month and then ordered the fabrics. Most of these fabrics are cotton jersey.

The mauve, liliac, pale green, and green patterned will be made into variations (sleeveless, using other sleeves, etc.) on these tops using Ottobre Magazine patterns. There are so many busy patterns in Ottobre’s photos that’s it’s hard to see the lines of the blouses!

The royal blue will be a sweet tunic/dress trimmed with the yellow jersey next to it. This is also an Ottobre pattern.

The giant large red piece will be my hot date dress which will also be appropriate for church. 😉 Perhaps I’ll raise the neckline a few inches, but if I don’t, I do have a couple of tanks to fill in the gap. Although, I recently read an article about a Bella band type thing that they called a Cleavage Cover… I may make one of those so I don’t have to have a full extra layer! This is a Vogue pattern that I think I’m just going to make the front skirt part longer to deal with tummy pulling up, but I may have to make the skirt panels wider too. I’m so long waisted that the “waist” of this dress will be an empire line unless I add length so I won’t have to alter there. When baby is here I’ll just shear off the front length, rehem and still have a cute dress!

The smaller brown jersey piece will be maternity panels for a pair of brown linen shorts (or maybe a skirt… haven’t decided), and for a pair of pants made with the brown cotton sateen fabric below it. The shorts and pants will use an Ottobre pattern that doesn’t really have a good picture in the magazine though it’s featured with the first shirt up above.

The red Naughty and Nice jersey cracked me up; it will be made into maternity/nursing sleepwear. Lets face it I’m down to one nightgown and one pair of nighttime pants that I can pair with hubby’s t-shirts; probably only the pants will fit the entire pregnancy. I was thinking of altering this pattern from Burda style into maternity/nursing because there is easy nursing access already and the back is shirred with elastic to allow some stretch. I’m going to make it longer and remove the floaty “wings”. I may also have to gather the skirt some more.

The tan piece is made of wool flannel. I’ve never worked with wool flannel before and this piece of fabric is butter soft, stretchy, drapey, and not too thick. I think I’ll work with wool flannel a whole bunch after this 😉 It will be transformed into a sweet jacket that ties in the front (and will be usuable post babies!). Church is always freezing during the summer and I’d love to have a cute layering jacket that doesn’t have to button over the baby bump. This is an Ottobre pattern.

And the most daring of all is that piece of hunter green swimwear nylon. I’m not sure my skills are up to swimwear standards, but I figured for $6 over the average $30 for maternity suits would keep the budget afloat too! I’ll be altering Burda style’s vintage look swim suit into a tankini top probably using the empire line knit top from Ottobre as a guide for the bottom portion. I have a pair of neutral colored bikini bottoms to pair with the top since I don’t think I’m daring enough to attempt bottoms. However, I may add a cute swim skirt. We’ll see what happens!
So that’s a total of 4 tops, 1 tunic, 1 dress, 1 nighty (maybe a night top too!), 1 pants, 1 shorts or skirt, 1 jacket, 1 swimsuit top (and perhaps swim skirt) for a grand totals of $86 (plus the cost of thread which I may have already, bathing suit bra cups, and some clear elastic to stabilize shoulders). Not a bad deal for a complete maternity wardrobe!

As for the things I wish were not growing….

This is right outside my back door, actually growing onto the concrete pad next to the door. Can you identify it? I glanced at it out the window the other day and identified it easily… looks like I’ll be buying some super strength Round-Up. Even a normal organic gardener doesn’t really have much of a choice in this circumstance…