Handmade Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas to you!  I hope you are enjoying the best Gift of this season: the Love of Christ!

My husband and I are still busy paying off our Buy One Get One Free baby special, so Christmas this year had to be highly budgeted.  I got a little creative with gifts and we only spent $63 dollars on 7 people.

My dad and Derek’s parents received a 20 page 5 by 7 photo brag book of the twin’s first three months from Shutterfly. These were buy one, get one half off.

I bought my mom a fancy garlic press (she wanted one) and made her a wallet set using stash fabric, zipper, and a snap.

A coin purse. I just stitched some rectangles to a 3″ stash zipper. This was the hardest of the three and I’m still not happy with it. It would have been easier if I could find my missing zipper foot (so frustrated!) Live and learn!

Checkbook Cover

Quilted Wallet

For my sister, I machine quilted her Amy Butler Obsession Quilt and bound it.  I’ve never done such extensive quilting and I’m super happy with it, especially the fun variegated lines in the navy blue border.  My sister wasn’t upset that we couldn’t find matching cotton teal for that border so I had fun spicing up the plain navy.

Since my sister purchased all the fabric for her quilt and even sewed together the top, I decided I’d make her a cute bag and wallet too.

Rae’s Gorgeous Buttercup Bag Pattern (I’m considering reopening my Etsy shop just to sell these. Would you buy one? I love it!)

The wallet uses her quilt backing and bag lining fabric and was a fun little project!

Aeralind and Bronwyn received a set of three hanging teething toys.  I’m also going to make them a pair of hand embroidered baby dedication gowns.  That deadline is quickly approaching, so I had better get started!