Spring Top 3: Fluttering Rose Top

This top started off as Alabama Stitch T-Shirt Corset.  I’d made one forever ago that included hand stitched reverse applique daisies.

While I loved the shape, it was a little low for me and a little too short on my extra long torso.  So once I had resigned to the fact that I had once again made something that I wouldn’t wear due to fitting issues, I tore out all those hand stitched seams and used it to retrace the pattern (I had borrowed the original pattern/book from the library and no longer had a paper copy).  I added two inches in the waist and raised the neckline.

Of course, somehow in the tearing and pattern making things got a little wonky: especially at the armhole (and a little bit at the hem).  So I added sleeves to fix the crazy armhole gaposis.  I actually used the short puff sleeves from Sense and Sensibility’s Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern. However, I decided I liked the fluttery effect of not gathering the bottom of the sleeve and applying binding.

Finally I added a little hand stitched fabric rose to the neckline for a touch of embellishment.

It’s still a little on the short side for me and the hemline is a tad odd, but the coolness of the fluttering sleeves and the cute rose still make this a top that won’t just hide in the back of my closet unworn.