Stash Busting Projects.

I’ve gotten a little crazy about using all that stash fabric over the course of the last week. I think this is my substitute for the nesting instinct. Nesting is hard on a budget before your baby shower has occured 😉 Anyway, here are some projects using stash fabric.

Flannel baby wipes with the formidable purple cow print flannel. The piece made 36 double sided zigzagged together 7x7ish wipes. I can’t complain 😀
Olive thinks the changing table is her new throne. I wonder what she’ll think when confronted with it’s real purpose..

A camera case (self drafted) using my mother-in-law’s striped Moda print. This is my first time using a Moda cotton and it truly is a higher quality experience.

Two Kimono PJ tops from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. I finished off some of the cotton knit scraps from my maternity clothing for these. They are not perfect and I definitely didn’t follow the pattern completely, but I figure they’ll be great PJs or running around the house tops next summer 😉

Lap Shoulder dresses for the girls. I used a purchased Gerber lap shoulder onesie to make a pattern for the top portion of the dress. The top portions are made from two worn out tanks of mine and the bottom portions from scraps of cotton from the stash.

A Malissa cocktail dress variation made from the Malissa pattern at BurdaStyle and Gertie’s Tutorial. I swapped some lace I had for this fabric (and some cotton blend shirting) awhile back with no idea what I would make. This Malissa variation sounds great to me at the moment since I can wear the waistband above the bump and it is wide enough for babies. Plus it’s so pretty and would be great for a nice date both now and after the babies are here 😀 Although I must say the design certainly accents the watermelon A LOT more than most of my other clothing.

(I’ll add a photo when I get it taken. It’s been a busy few weeks with no time for Derek to take pictures of my baby bump!)

The sweet owl embroidery on gorgeous scrap handkerchief linen is almost finished! I just need to find my other embroidery floss box for a suitable color for the words and cut binding and backing and buy some more batting (the camera bag used up all my batting scraps from the last baby quilt I made). I was thinking of adding some lazy daisies around the vine in pinks to make it a little girlier since the original was done on a pink fabric and mine was not. Honestly, I hated cross stitch… but I love doing embroidery that’s not counted like this! At least my floss is finding a use 😀

A pieced top for a kitchen mat to go underneath the sink. I’m forever splashing water under the sink in the kitchen and one day I’m going to break my neck slipping on the water. Maybe this mat will help. I need to get some batting and find out! This is my first time making a pinwheel block and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

I might get to sew some of that red corduroy into a couple jumpers and some pants this week, but I’m not going to count on it. I have an OB appointment, two ropes course facilitating days, two nights of Multiples birthing class, and our neighborhood pool is finally open. From henceforth the twins and I shall be known as Buoy 😉 I am so excited!