Carnegie Hall

When I was in High School, I was blessed to be in a fabulous choir called the Socastee Singers. We specialized in a cappella Madrigals and teaching one another life lessons.  We cried and we sang and we laughed and we had family traditions. One of the our silliest traditions being our talent for changing from street clothes to formals in less than 5 minutes on a bus without showing any inappropriate skin 😉  But our favorite tradition was circle time: it was where we met to talk about serious issues including 9/11 after shocks, grades, disagreements, and to sing our school Alma Mater written to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree” at the end of each class.

My first year in this singing family, we were privileged to sing in Carnegie hall. We joined other choirs to form the “National Youth Choir.”  It was my first plane ride and my first visit to a large city. It was magical.

Yesterday, a friend uploaded recordings of the Socastee Singers. Scroll down to enjoy our Carnegie performance.  Track 5 “The Jabberwocky” is my personal favorite.  It’s a Lewis Carroll Poem with tons of made up words.  We had so much fun!