It’s just a jug of milk!

I realize this is nothing special to you.  I mean seriously.  It’s just a gallon of milk.

But it’s a gallon of milk that my husband picked out.  I pulled it out and looked at it oddly.  Why on earth did he buy a name brand gallon of milk?  And then I saw it.

As ‘green’ as I seem, there are certain things that I just can’t afford.  Adding a 3rd child to our litter puts us in the low income bracket (not that there’s anything wrong with that!  We live richly because we have very little debt!).  I just can’t afford organic foods.  I can’t.  Unless it’s on super sale.  Don’t judge me please.

I buy local when stuff is in season and most of that would be ‘organic’ if they could pay the thousands of dollars it takes to be USDA Organic certified. I even have a CSA share that I’ll start receiving in August.  I want to support my local farmers and that’s important to me.   But buying organic… it just isn’t somewhere that I’m willing to invest our tiny bit of extra monthly money.

So back to the milk.  Derek bought it.  And you see that little bit right there?

No growth hormones.  We just finally switched the girls over to full dairy (including milk) and I had been repeating that I really didn’t want to pump their little bodies full of growth hormones. 

Apparently, Derek listens to my strange rants.  What a guy!