Mama Loves: Mr. Eric

You probably have no idea who this guy is.  I didn’t either until April when my sister brought the first of his 3 books on the New York Bestselling Books list. Pete the Cat.

(this is Bronwyn reading/singing Pete the cat about 2 months ago at naptime)

Since then Mr. Eric has been an obsession. We’ve taken out all the subsequent Pete the Cat books from the library.  We’ve borrowed The Big Silly and sung loudly “I WANT CHOCOLATE PIE!”  My mom even got them some great Learning Groove CDs that come with printable material and lessons.

But nothing compares to seeing Mr. Eric at the local library.  It was like a fast forward to their teenage years.

Aeralind sat quietly soaking in the music and struggling with a little bit of over stimulation.  But she loved it so much she still talks about it.

But let me tell you, Bronwyn is the type of girl to go body surfing in a mosh pit.  No lie.  My tall but tiny sprite literally stole the show.  Bronwyn stood up doing all of Mr. Eric’s hand motions, jumping up and down, dancing, and scream-singing every song she knew.  Every grown up in the crowded room watched Bronwyn with mirth and she scarcely knew that anyone existed but Mr. Eric.  (Lord, help us when she has her first crush/heartbreak!)

I promise you, your little ones will adore Mr. Eric too!

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