Sunday Date

We have a very fun morning/early afternoon since we decided to go to 5:30 service tonight. Derek took me to Conestee Nature Park for a little walk (with some birding on the side). Here’s the handsome birder.

Here are the best finds of our morning hike.

This was not here the last time we visited Conestee. Busy beavers indeed!

This (as Derek informed me) is the Beavers Home. Did you know beavers can be as long as 4 feet?!

A turtle family enjoying the 70+ degree weather.

One of a pair of red shouldered Hawks who starting crying loudly and scampering about the sky at about noon. I can tell you first hand that this pair will be parents this spring…

After Conestee, I was taken on a wonderful inexpensive lunch date.

My sweet date holding the door for me (and making the “Do you really have to take pictures of everything? I’m hungry.” Face)

My yummy lunch! Chicken sandwich and Caesar side salad.

My super cute date!

And I’ve saved the best for last. Isn’t this photo of algae stunning?