Real Food

As I planned, I’m totally doing a real food diet. This is for me personally (the girls still eat some white breads and often a treat or two… I’d like to get them off these things… but I’m stretching them plenty right now!).

I’ve stopped buying most things processed. If I can’t pronounce it… it’s probably not coming home with me.  I still have some things in the pantry being used up (spaghetti sauce and my beloved pineapple salsa from Trader Joes).  Stopped eating processed sugar (only find honey, molasses, and maple syrup in small amounts).  I can’t find a bread that meets my requirements and doesn’t cause a 20+ minute drive to get a fresh loaf so we’re bread free.  I’m also trying to lighten the grain load.

I can’t go organic on my budget in either meat or veggies.  That’s okay.  But I have picked two areas to spend quite a bit of the budget on: whole NON-homogenized milk (it is low temperature pasteurized… I’m just not a weaning baby and raw milk should be mixed just yet) and farm fresh eggs (we eat 5 dozen a week… and it’s one of the only meals the girls always eat so it’s totally worth splurging there for me!).

My friend Karen is doing a little 30 day challenge and invited me to write over on her blog (when I find the time).  So recipes and thoughts on the real food challenge can be found over here!

However, I did have a 2.5 day spurt where after 3 weeks of eating almost all whole food as I cleaned out the cabinets, I ate out a lot when my family visited.  I felt so gross for days afterward. Then, after 3 more weeks we went to a sub joint last weekend: Derek and I felt terrible afterward.  Gas and bloating. (TMI?  Sorry.)  So I don’t think I”ll be splurging on that sort of thing again.  Ick.

Real food really does make me feel better!