A Day in the Life

Here’s a day in the life of a mother of 3 month old twins in all it’s chaotic glory. This post is LONG, don’t feel like you have to read it 😉 I think parts of it are rather amusing… seriously, how long did it take for me to make 18 pancakes?!

4:00 Derek retrieves hungry girls, I feed them.  He burps them and I take them back to the crib.
7:00 Same feeding set up. and the girls fall back asleep in bed with mommy
9:30 I wake and feed both girls who are rooting around for food. I struggle to keep Aeralind awake after the feeding.  Bronwyn screams until she spits up on changing table.  Both girls get diapers changed.
10:00 Babies play while mommy tosses diapers in washer, checks email, reads blogs and writes.
10:30 Babies fuss and go back in bed for a nap
11:00 Chat with mom on facebook and mix up pumpkin pancakes
12:15 Make a sandwich for lunch
12:20 Grab fussing babies feed them while eating my lunch.
12:45 Babies scream a lot after the meal (ate too much too fast).  Calm them down while eating a bowl of minestrone (they like watching my arm move apparently).
1:00 Grab babies play/drying rack to entertain them, turn diapers on washing cycle two, write a reply on baby center forums.
1:10 Babies are tired and put down for nap.
1:20 Aeralind still a little fussy, put paci in and she contentedly sleeps.
1:30 Turn on griddle to make pancakes (for Christmas dinner), unload and load dishwasher
1:40 Start making pancakes.
1:55 Pancakes are still cooking while I run back and forth collecting and sorting laundry and matching socks that have been clean since last Monday…
2:00 Bronwyn wakes up and fusses a little while I’m sorting laundry.  After continued mutterings I place a paci in her mouth. I’m excited that the pumpkin pancakes recipe is thick enough that it doesn’t burn while I’m running back and forth!
2:05 Laundry is sorted,  6 pancakes made, and I stuff inserts in clean diapers
2:11 It becomes apparent that Bronwyn is not going to go back to sleep and Aeralind has joined her… Tummy time for babies ensues… Bronwyn decides that tummy time was not in her agenda and complains. Aeralind for once enjoys it… for about 3 minutes… I ignore complaints and stuff diapers and make pancakes…
2:25 Roll screaming Aeralind onto her back.  Bronwyn is practically asleep on her tummy, but I roll her over too.
2:35 Pull clean wet diapers out of washer (I don’t usually wash diapers two days in a row, but I wanted to get all of that done today so that I could hold off on laundry until Wednesday or Thursday), Put in a load of mommy/daddy clothing, flip pancake over.  Girls are now hungry… bib them up and wait for pancake #10 to finish cooking, then feed girls.
2:41 Aeralind overeats and spits a ton on my tummy before I have time to even lift and burp her.  At least she didn’t scream! Burp babies then down to play mat. Start pancakes again.
2:50 Bronwyn screams. I pick her up and she burps. We rest a moment reading a blog that I might as well begin following…
2:58 I burn my first pancake (#11)
3:01 Pancake #12 bites the dust… I turn off the griddle. Babies are happy under the drying rack/play mat. I go hang diapers outside.
3:12 Backyard was a flood zone… PJ/yoga pants get switched out for a skirt as the one pair of jeans that fit are in the wash. I laugh at my circle skirt, T-shirt, fleece jacket, and purple polar bears socks combo. Usually I’m better dressed than this I promise… though the crazy socks are typical.
3:15 Babies are ready for a nap, though Aeralind fights sleep… I read my Google analytics and discover that I’m on the 4th page of a Google search on “breastfeeding milk allergy.”  Decide I need to write the next breastfeeding post since people are reading and I have learned a TON about being milk-free. I would love to help someone out!
3:23 Decide I better make dinner first while babies are asleep.  Throw in next load of laundry and start dinner.
4:00 Guess who turned back on the griddle to make pancakes while cooking dinner?
4:10 Resting while blogging/searching internet/cooking pancakes/waiting for dinner to boil so I can turn it down to a simmer.
4:17 Sweet Bronwyn awakes and spends some quality time on my lap while waiting for sister to awake.
4:26 Try to remember when I last changed the girls… um… 10 something… poor babies… Decide to wait until Bronwyn finishes filling her diaper to rectify that situation.
4:28 Final pancake count (minus burnt ones and the one I ate) 19. 
4:30 Bronwyn wiggles on the floor and I start writing some dairy-free blog posts
4:40 I get a box from Jen Odom!!! Haven’t opened it yet 😀
4:52 I think Operation Fill Bronwyn’s Diaper is complete and she’s getting hungry so I go change her diaper and wake and change her sister diaper too.
5:18 I struggle to keep them awake after their meal. P.S. Operation FIll Bronwyn’s Diaper was unsuccessful
5:31 Husband calls to tell me he’s coming home
5:40 Open Jen’s box. Find two presents, two bibs, and three cards.  One card informs me that I must wait until Christmas.  I teasingly complain on Jen’s Facebook page.
5:45 I sit down to enjoy dinner (too hungry to wait on hubby) and continue writing what has now become 4 separate blog posts (including this one)
6:10 Derek arrives and eats dinner. I read him this post so far. He laughs.  I take that as a good sign 😉
6:25 Both babies begin screaming.  It’s like they knew daddy was home and wanted to talk to him. I promise they are daddy’s girls!
6:31 Feed Babies, Derek burps them. We listen to Odyssey on the couch as a family.
7:11 Bronwyn goes to her crib.   Poor thing was rubbing her little eyes ;(
7:25 Aeralind goes to her crib.
7:27 Both girls fuss like crazy and get their little selves put in the swing.
7:43 Derek puts in another load of laundry for me. Pancake count now at 18 and I stuff them in the freezer to await Christmas day.
8:00 Bronwyn snuggles next to me, Aeralind is in her swing.  Daddy and I are just enjoying the evening. I’m downloading pictures onto my computer.  Looks like the girls are about to take one of their world famous evening catnaps.
8:34 I’ve finished and scheduled two blog posts. Both girls are napping and I’m nervous about their ability to sleep through the night tonight… Hubby is playing LOTRO and we’re enjoying peace and the clicking of Aeralind’s swing.  I’m realizing just how tired I am today.
8:58 Aeralind awakes instantly screaming for food.  Time to feed the babies!
9:17 Switch last load of mommy/daddy laundry into the dryer and slip back into my now dry (and clean) pj/yoga pants.
9:30 Derek alternates caring for both babies as they scream  Both babies spew all over him. We burp them almost religiously, but still they wait to spit up until later.  Oh well. I’m holding out hope for a 10:00 bedtime for Mommy.  The cloth diapers are still outside on the line.
9:39 I finish and schedule 5 blog posts (not including this one) and consider doing another before bedtime.  A & B are sneezing and making their adorable after sneeze sighs.  We love and laugh at those sighs.
9:54 I head upstairs to get ready for bed.  I take fussy Aeralind with me. Please calm down, sweet baby girl.
10:05 I notice a ladybug doing donuts on my mirror for a full minute.  I’m transfixed… oh, yeah… I’m sleep deprived.
10:07 Daddy read a good night prayer to the babies and the corresponding verse.
10:11 Girls still fussing… I decide to read Time for Bed to them. Maybe 10:30 will be bedtime?
10:19  In bed with husband.  He prays with me… my brain is still too busy to sleep, but eventually I drift off.