Toddler Language Pop Quiz

We’re having a language explosion over here.

One day I left the girls with my friend Mandy and Aeralind gave Mandy her cup and said (apparently plain as day) “Will you hold this please?”  I was floored!

Things like “Self-control” and “Patience” and “Nonsense” and “Wait please” are coming out of their mouths on a regular basis.

Bronwyn told daddy that her “Noggin hurts” after she bumped it.  Derek and I never use the word noggin!  They’re like little language sponges!

However… lots of words are still an still undecipherable for a week or longer.  Here’s a little toddler language pop quiz.  I’ll post the answers in a the comments next Monday.  In the meantime: you take a stab at the answers.  If someone (besides my husband :-p) can get all 5, I’ll try to figure out a little prize 🙂
Updated: Answers are in the comments section!

  1.  “Curl!!!!”
    Context: Toddler who is supposed to be getting in the car takes off running toward a tree while screaming. “Hey, curl! Hi! Hi! Hi!”
  2. “Cootie”
    Context: Sweet smiling little girl pointing at herself saying “I a cootie!”
  3. “Kinger”
    Context: Hand outstretched.  “I touch it?  One kinger?”
  4.  “Looogick!”
    Context: Sitting in a car. I’m on the phone. Quiet. Toddlers pointing at the back window.
  5. Bonus Toddler Sentence-Word: “Whadasee?”
    Context: It might just be a key phrase in a series of children’s books.