Links for the Weekend: Defusing Anger

Defusing Anger

When Your Temper Scares You: Some Suggestions for Defusing

There’s no rage like the exhausted rage of motherhood.

These aren’t the things they don’t talk about in the parenting books, or play groups, or coffee dates. How you will one day lose your ever-loving mind because two boys sat and watched their sister pour an entire bottle of purple Motrin all over the beige carpet and didn’t think to stop her.”

Kill Anger Before it Kills You or Your Marriage

“Therefore, one of the greatest battles of life is the battle to “put away anger,” not just control its expressions. To help you fight this battle, here are nine biblical weapons.”


From Sinful to Sinless Anger

This is steamrolling me and my temper every time.

From Sinful To Sinless Anger from North Hills Community Church on Vimeo.