Links for the Weekend: Nailing Exposure

I haven’t done any photography specific links for the weekend yet.  So this is a little extra credit work for those of you who want to learn how to get better exposures.

Your Camera’s Best Kept Secret

I totally think this post is going to help those of you who are more visual.  It’s a combination post covering both exposure and in-camera metering.

Nailing Exposure

Love the style of writing on this.  Informative and funny.  And she explains so well what I tried to explain in our exposure compensation post.  Figure out where your camera makes exposure fall for your tastes and adjust up or down the correct number of stops (or third stops) to get images looking the way your imagine.

One Camera Setting & It’s Impact on your Pictures

So you’re doing everything right, testing your lighting, looking at your image on your LCD screen, changing your setting accordingly, and then making sure you nailed it on your LCD again.  A few hours later your upload to the computer and wonder where on earth your nice pictures went?!  This might just be a setting you need to change.