Mama Loves: DownEast Basics

Manic Mother

I’m 5’10”.

Being a tall girl isn’t so bad… except all of my extra height is in my torso.  I sometimes literally walk on the ends of “average” length jeans.  And if I fold my body in half… my head is centimeters from my toes (yes, I can do that… when I’m not bending over a baby bump!).

I have a way longer than average torso.  It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but it is.

Especially if you like wearing low to mid rise jeans (rather than “mom” jeans) and absolutely hate bending over chasing toddlers and sunburning your lower back.  Or that cold draft when your shirt raises in the back in the winter.  Or even worse: the dreaded “plumber’s crack”.  Eek!

For years, I’ve suffered all of these terrible fates wearing the fitted tee’s and tanks from such esteemed places as Target, Old Navy, Gap.  Nothing could prevent my lower back (or sometimes my tummy after an accidental hot wash) from being exposed.

And then one day I stumbled on DownEast Basics.  It was much the same as you’re probably stumbling on it now: some blogger was talking about it.  I skipped on over to their catalog and noticed something about their basic tees and tanks.

They said they have extra long length.

And at Target/Old Navy prices, I thought: “What have I got to lose giving them a try?”

So I ordered a few.

Good bye forever long torso woes: you’ve met your match.

Seriously, these shirts are extra long length.

Here’s me at 37+ weeks pregnant wearing a DownEast Wonder Tee.  A little short now… but I wore them until I really rounded out.

And just for a comparison… here’s an average length Old Navy tee thrown on top. (and me caught in mid-sentence…)

Did I mention they really are that long?  My tanks even stay tucked in my pants keeping me warm all winter!

However, the extra long length rule only seems to apply consistently to the Tanks and Tees (minus the Pretty and Demi tees).  The coveted length seems to be hit or miss with all their other tops (which are always super cute, stylish, and very comfortable despite their length), but I have a closet full of layering basics that keep me covered.

And for that I am thankful!

Oh and for you Mama’s of older girls: they have a great girl section too… I’m excited to graduate into 2T next spring!