Mama Loves: Fight Club

Joining up with Julia again to tell you about one thing that is really helping me with my Mama-ing (and my walk with Jesus).  Ironically, it’s a concept that Julia mentioned to me that the girls in my small group have participated in twice now.  First, a trailer.

Ahem… well this isn’t exactly how Fight Club goes.  But it sure is hysterical 🙂

Fight Club for us is a time where we seriously confront sin and point our hearts to the gospel.  Usually one person is the focus, but it’s not unusual for more than one person to leave convicted and repentant of sin.

The Rules of Fight Club

  1. What happens at Fight Club stays at fight club.  (confidentially is protection for us to humbly and openly share our hearts!)
  2. Everyone is here after the each other’s hearts: if it’s your turn to share then please share your heart and sin in all it’s messy glory.
  3. We can only ask questions- no stories or advice unless it’s specifically asked for
  4. Other than questions we can only speak the gospel- to encourage and admonish
  5. If we’re meeting on a certain subject or for a certain person’s concern, then we can each give a short 1-2 minute testimony (Here’s where I was, here’s where God gripped my heart and showed me my sin, here’s where He’s brought me now).

So why do we call it fight club?  Because if you don’t leave Fight Club wanting to punch someone in the face over them pointing out your sin… well, then it either wasn’t your turn in the hot seat or you weren’t truly being humble.

It’s messy.  It’s gory.  It’s loving.  It turns us around.  Fight Club is like dumping someone in a washing machine and holding them under until God reveals where He’s working to make that stain clean.  I love Fight Club and I love how God’s using it to change the ladies in my small group.

(And I totally still want to punch K in the face over saying that it’s not my job to point out D’s sin.  Thanks… I needed that :-p)