Mama Loves: Magic Eraser

Manic Mother

My toddlers love crayons, pens, and pencils.  Unfortunately, they’re not so skilled at keeping their coloring on their paper. My table is often covered with crayon marks.

But it gets better.

Whenever my girls find a writing utensil and are left unsupervised, they will test it on the nearest wall.

A stray blue crayon on my coat closet floor probably from when we moved in: all over my living room walls.  Flat paint. Ug….

A little red wax heart from the center of a candle left too close to the counter’s edge: all over my kitchen and living room walls.  You’ve got to give them some credit for creative use of objects!

A pencil from who knows where…. all over the playroom wall.  You get the idea….

There is one product that can get these and even the worst toddler food stains off your walls and dinner table.

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser!

Seriously, you need some of these!

One caveat: when your toddlers figure out they can unplug the Christmas tree lights and use the plug ends to draw on the wall… well, Mr. Clean isn’t up to that task.  When you find something that works… will you let me know?