Mama Loves: Puddle Jumpers

I have a confession.

I am an amphibian.

I’d rather be in a pool than almost anywhere else on earth.  It’s my favorite form of exercise and one of my favorite forms of relaxation.  I love the pool.

I also have two daughters under two years who inherited the amphibian gene.  They have no fear of the water. They love it!  They’ll jump off the edges, climb in and out the stairs or ladders, and chase balls across the pool.  Unfortunately, the baby boats they barely tolerated last year  (seriously, they’d try to jump over the edges of the boats!), are not being tolerated at all this year.

Not at all.

I thought my days of taking two babies to the pool alone were over.

Enter the Puddle Jumper.

It came in the mail last Tuesday to find two very crabby babies on the verge of becoming very sick little girls who were about to have the crayons taken away from them.  Normally crayons being taken away equals major meltdown anyhow… but this day it looked like it was going to end in tears for the rest of the morning.

I cautiously pulled out ‘Turtle’ and ‘Crab’ and introduced them to the girls who repeated their names over and over.  I took away the crayons.  I asked them if they wanted to wear them.  With no tears they stuck their arms in and ran around crazy for the rest of the morning.  They almost wouldn’t let me take them off.

So far so good.  At least they had a really fun little Turtle and Crab toy vest.

Daddy came home and we ventured to the pool.  Nothing could have prepared me for this sight.

Yes, my girls were not only staying afloat independently, but they were capable of kicking to propel themselves toward objects!  Woohoo!

And on top of that, they were independent enough that I feel comfortable going to the pool on my own.

In fact, we hung out today in the 12 foot section so mommy could tread water and get exercise while they played.  And I could stand on the edge and safely take these photos. I’m super stoked!

And the best part is that as long as they’re skinny little beanpoles that should be able to use them until 5-6 years old.

Puddle Jumpers are rated for 30-50 lbs, but my girls only weigh 25lbs soaking wet.  I really feel that chest circumference has more to do with fit than weight.  Basically the smallest chest circumference it can handle is 21″ (my girls are right there) and the widest is probably about 26-28″.  So if your kiddo is within those ranges and you’re dying to go to the pool with some independence for all parties: buy the Puddle Jumper!

You’ll thank me later.

This opinion is solely my own.  Coleman company, the owner of Stearn’s has no idea who I am.  Though I do hope they see this glowing review and heartfelt thanks from a mom now free to release her inner amphibian. 🙂