Mama Loves: SwagBucks

As mama’s I know we each search the internet for things a lot.  On any given day (like maybe yesterday) my internet searches might be all of the following:

“How much language should a 2 year old have?”
“Newborn photography bed prop tutorial”
“Ana White Loft Bed plans”
“How to remove wood glue”
“Dry brushing furniture”
“Eggplant Parmesan”
“Bolster pillow tutorial”

I have a confession: I earn money just for searching the web.

How?  By using SwagBucks as my search engine.
Another secret: You can join me. Click the banner below and sign up.

Search & Win

Now I’m not compulsive about grabbing Swag.  There are tons of other ways to win besides just searching (surveys, videos, searching for the codes, going through SwagBucks to buy things at your favorite stores, etc).  I’m just a searcher and referrer to the program, but I promise that over the last two years I’ve earned the equivalent of about $250 worth of free stuff just for doing that little bit!

I redeem all of my SwagBucks for $5 Amazon gift cards and the occasional gift card.  Since I started participating I’ve gotten the following with my loot:

  • 3 $25 gift cards (Hello, date night!)
  • Spent a total of only $40 on my Instep Safari Double Jogging Stroller after selling 2 strollers that didn’t work for me and applying tons of Amazon gift cards.
  • Completed a HUGE book order with Amazon Cards (including One Thousand Gifts, Building the Christian Family you Never Had, Sacred Sex, and Radical)
  • Bought my pretty Owl Fabric, ZigZag Curtain Fabric, and Mamma Birds Fabric for the new one’s nursery.
  • I’m sure I’m missing at least one Amazon purchase… because I don’t remember the early days with the girls much… and I know I found SwagBucks right around their birth 😉

In conclusion: if you’re a mama who uses a search engine, you should be using SwagBucks.  You’ll thank me when you buy something you totally wanted but couldn’t justify buying without spending anything at all. 😉