Mama Loves: Toddler Hair Tutorials

After a long break… I thought I’d return to sharing with you some of the things Mama Loves (at least occasionally… life with 3 under 3 is a bit more manageable, but still hard!).

I was on Pinterest a few weeks ago and stumbled across this pin by a friend.

Personally, I think it’s a little outlandish for a momma who practically has to bribe her kiddos to even COMB their hair. I definitely have to hold their little bodies between my knees if there’s a really good knot. 

Did I mention I have two of these toddler girls?

Yeah, I’ll stick to ponytails or pigtails, thankyouverymuch!

However, I recently got my once a year hair cut. Every year I make this mistake.

Ms. Unconcerned Hairstylist: Do you want layers with that bob?
Me: Sure, but just light ones. I get mushroom hair (curls under on the top and up on the bottom) if there’s too much depth between the layers. And I’m not prone to styling it everyday to prevent that.
MUH: Sure I can do that.

And what do I get every year?

Mushroom hair.

(You think I’d learn my lesson and be willing to pay $30 plus tip each year… nope… still too cheap)

Ah, but it grows out. It’s not all bad 🙂 Soon I’ll cut the bottom layer up about a half inch and it’ll look more normal… but I’m not willing to give up my pigtails when it’s over 80 degrees outside with two toddlers. I hate sweaty neck hair.

Back to the toddler hairstyles. Not practical for most toddlers. But they’re awesome for ME when I don’t have time to blow dry with a round brush patiently for about 15 minutes b/c I have a ridiculous amount of short, fine, and thick hair and I’m not feeling up to pigtails.

Oh, and do you like how I’m rocking these Kate Spade glasses?

(Who is Kate Spade?  Is she cool?)