4 Year Anniversay

My Dearest Derek,
4 years ago today I kissed you barefoot in a park wearing a white dress and promised that I’d be yours no matter what.  I’m pretty sure I never made a better promise 🙂

Everyday you make me laugh.
Everyday you crawl back in be to snuggle me close and whisper “I love you” a bazillion times (even when I brush you off in busy-ness).
Everyday you sing silly songs.
Everyday you shake your head at me as I do something crazy.
Everyday you say “Gosh! You look hot in that!” and really mean it (even if I haven’t gotten out of my pjs!).
Everyday you play my crazy nose flicking game…and sometimes you let me win :-p
Everyday you listen to me talk or whine or vent or be quiet.
Everyday you pray for me.

I never would have imagined all that God had in store for us for year ago on this evening.
… the unemployed summer
… the melon garden in TR
… the loss of two cats
… the hikes
… the failures
… the fights
… the chili so hot it turned our faces red
… the homemade ice cream
… the Rummy game that has a score well into the 30,000s
… the tough jobs
… the purchase of this house
… the twin pregnancy
… the tight finances
… the sleepless nights
the constant battle against pink
… the tears

This year of our marriage started the day before we found out we were having two girls.  You grew so much as you waited on God’s provision each month (and some months it was sooo close) even though you were terrified that you’d be unable to provide for three women.  You spent half the summer lugging my huge self around the neighborhood pool so that I could feel weightless for just a little while.  You laughed at me teasingly as I tried to hoist myself out of bed.  I will never forget how you tenderly prayed for me before they wheeled me into the OR for my spinal.  Or the look on your face as you held both of our daughters.

I never would have made it through the sleeplessness if you had not lovingly sent me to bed each evening while you watched the girls or taken the girls downstairs most mornings for “loud music” time with daddy.  I never would have been successful at breastfeeding if you had not willingly got up with me at the beginning to feed a baby while I fed the other baby and pumped.  Or if you had not retrieved both babies and gently placed them on the nursing pillow in the later days.  Your support is vital to me; I couldn’t do this without you.

I love watching your relationship with the girls grow.  They adore you! From your tummy raspberries that have them in stitches, to sitting on your desk playing computer games, to feeding them supper, and praying with them at night they can’t get enough of you. You love them so much it hurts (and it will hurt some unsuspecting you suitor if you follow your defense plan).

I love you so much, Derek.  I can’t wait to see where year 5 will take us.  Thank for loving us and providing for us in such a self-sacrificing way.