Why my Husband is my Hero

1. He looks so adorable playing on playgrounds
2. He has the power to make me belly laugh
3. He’s brought me breakfast in bed everyday for about seven weeks now to help prevent nausea
4. He gives the best hugs in the universe
5. He patiently listens to me, even when I’m being irrational.
6. He loves people.
7. He can identify just about any bird in the area by sound alone.
8. He can’t dance worth a hoot in the more modern sense of the word.
9. He can dance in an old old old fashioned sense of the word.
10. He looks incredibly handsome in a set of breeches.
11. He laughs when I make fun of his HUGE head.
12. He takes 11pm runs to the grocery store because his twins are hungry and his wife is hysterical.
13. He never complains about my misdeeds to others.
14. He is prone to start crying if he feels like I’m hurting in a way that he could not somehow ease.
15. He has embarked on a huge process to remove wallpaper from our bedroom wall and never complains about it even though he didn’t find the wallpaper to be too terribly hideous.
16. He would rather be in my arms than anywhere else in the world.
17. He tells me made up fairy tale stories in the middle of the night if I awake from a bad dream.
18. He eats what I set on the table and never complains even if he loved it and I have NO IDEA how to make it again.
19. He lets me fall asleep on long car rides while he’s driving.
20. He treats me like royalty even when I fail to treat him the same.

I could probably go on forever and ever about this blessing of a man that is my husband, but I’ll spare you. Derek truly is my hero and I love him dearly.