10 Months

I’m still wanting to freeze you, Sedryn.  You’re just a perfect baby right now (except for some minor sleep issues).  Lots of laughter and exploring and crying only when gassy or tired.  I can hardly stop kissing and squeezing you, which explains why you crawl around the house making kissing noises.  It’s the most frequent noise you hear close up between me and your sisters.

You still have no teeth (and mommy is eating up those ephemeral toothless grins!).  You’ve learned how to crawl like a big boy.  And finally to sit (though always on your own terms.  You stalk mommy if you’re hungry or tired. You think Bronwyn is hysterical!  You avoid Aeralind and her tireless mission to make sure you don’t fall or get into any trouble (you’re tired of being laid on…).  You crawl all over daddy.  You love to clap for any audience and give high fives, too.

You are Mr. Meticulous.  Slow on most of the mass motor skills (at least compared to your sisters who crawled and sat at 7/8 months while you waited until nine), but your fine motor skills are remarkable.  You’ll open little doors and bang little blocks together and pick up the tiniest bits.  You’re either going to be a jeweler or a engineer!  So detail oriented.

Our home loves having you and the sweet sound of baby laughter!