2 Months

Sedryn boy, you turned on the fussies at about 5 weeks and you haven’t hardly let up since then!  You also rocked about 3 different growth spurts that had mommy waking up every 3 hours instead of once a night.  It has been a hard hard month for mommy.

But Saturday you finally turned on the grins and you haven’t stopped yet.  And the best part: you like to spoil me with smiles more than anyone else!  I think I might actually like you now.  Keep up the flirting… it does wonders for mommy’s morale.

What I’ve most noticed about you this month is that I’m about 100% sure that your love languages are touch and quality time.  You love undivided attention (which is hard to come by in this house) and you love being held and touched (gently… sister touches are almost always unwelcome).  I’m actually starting to enjoy quiet moments with you, too.

Last night, I tucked you in bed alone.  You’re not a fan of going to bed around 7 like your body needs.  You want to stay up and join in the chaos and catch up on quality time.  But last night, I fed you, gave you a tummy massage, talked to you, and then wrapped you up for bed.  Two pacifier insertions after that and you were asleep.  We might be on to something.  And I might secretly adore that quiet happy time with you.