3 Months

Oh, Sedryn boy!  You have been battling sickness so much this month.  And you’re a typical man: you wanted to be cuddled and coddled the whole time you’re sick.  It’s not working out so well for you because of your crazy sisters.

But one thing is for sure: your love language is physical touch.  You practically purr with delight each evening as I give you a tummy and chubby thigh massage before bed.  It’s hysterical to watch… too bad the video camera distracts you too much for me to record it forever.

You’ve discovered two things this month.  First, that if all the noise/people leave the room and you start screaming, odds are pretty good we’ll come back.  You want us to be there surrounding you.  You are such an extrovert.  Second, you’ve discovered you hands.  You favorite thing to do with them is stuff your whole fist in your mouth to munch on.  Your second favorite is to hold them in front of you nose and watch you fingers move.

Sedryn, there’s also no question that God made you a boy.  Your biggest obsession for the last 3 weeks has been to play with your spit.  The girls never did anything like this! You sit there blowing spit bubbles until your entire shirt is soaking wet.  I may have to pull out the bibs after all!

Thanks for snuggling with me, little cuddle bug, even when I don’t appreciate it as I should.