4 Months!

It’s been a rough last week, Sedryn.  You have had a very icky string of terrible nights.

However, it’s easy to forgive you come sunrise: with your cheery grins and new found voice.

You’re talking a lot.  Squealing some.  And always looking for my face.  I totally get the “Mama’s boy” phenomenon now; you can easily wrap me around your finger.

You’ve managed to roll over tummy to back multiple times this month.  You’re finally starting to adore tummy time.  Mainly because I can see that you really enjoy gross motor skills.

Your fine motor skill consists of reaching for and fingering anything soft.  No plastic rings or animals for you.  You much prefer soft crinkly stuff or a whole blanket to stuff into your mouth.

You smile at your sisters now instead of simply cower.  They get so excited and yell “Mama!  Baby ‘mile!!”  But they don’t understand yet how to keep you smiling.

Keep growing, little one, I love you more each month.