5 Months

You can reach and hold things!  I can’t express how happy and accomplished you seem when you grab something you wanted.  You love to sit and explore your Dragon in your carseat.  You grab my shirt while nursing.

You rolled right over back to tummy for an audience at my MOPS table.  It seems you need an audience to complete any new skill.  Which is okay since two little girls are often caught fawning over your every move.  And, also, because you can woo just about any woman with your little smiles.

I still am in awe of how sensitive you can be.  Your sisters have begun to yell “God!” every time we read it in The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Each time they yell, your little lip begins to quiver and, if someone doesn’t pull you close quickly, you’ll burst into tears!  You grabbed the girls button lunch pail today and bonked yourself on the head with it to the same lip quiver and tears.  I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with such a sensitive spirit when juxtaposed with my independent girl and my strong-willed girl!

You’re also obsessed with your feet!  You can’t get them into your mouth yet, but you can grab your thigh.  But mostly, you’ll just lay on your back and rub your ankles together for hours.  It’s adorable!

You’re growing each day and learning so much.  I see you longing to play hard with the big kids and as strong as you are, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were sitting or creeping this time next month!