8 Months

Sedryn boy, you think you are hysterical.  You’ve spent most of the month rolling/scooting around on the floor laughing at yourself.  It cracks me up!  And you love making me laugh and smile.  I think you may be the first true extrovert in this family.  So now we’re a family that does parties, corny jokes, and invites tons of people over because of you.  Okay… not yet… but I’m feeling it in the very near future!

You’re sick right now.  Fever, sneezy, coughing, tooth-almost popped through miserable sick.  It’s so very sad.  So I’m postponing your rocking chair picture for a day or two until your fever breaks and then I’ll add it here.  Oh, but I’ve been enjoying my snuggles from my busy little boy.  Such a sweet little treasure those snuggles are!

You are most definitely mobile now.  There’s no denying it any longer.  You’ve mastered an army crawl scoot, but for the last week I’m always catching you up on all four rocking and giving it all a try.  You love moving.  And chewing.  And grabbing things from your sisters.  And anything that makes noise.  The tiny piano and the girls Little People Zoo are your favorites.

Speaking of sisters, you enjoy trying to play with them.  Or at least just being near them.  Yesterday they were pig piling you on the bed and you were just eating up all that physical affection.  Well, until you had enough.  They were putting 60+ lbs of  wiggly toddler on top of you.  I’m still surprised you smiled and enjoyed it at all! (you were on the bed… good shock absorber.  But when you’re older feel free to blame all mental deficiencies on me allowing this to occur.)

Oh, but what I love most about you is that winning grin.  Whenever you see me after nap or as I walk into the room, you just grin.  You’ve even started scooting over to me.  It just melts me.  All the time.  Boy, are you going to be trouble when you get a bit older!