9 Months!

It’s been a big month of firsts for you, sweet boy!

In your 9th month, you’ve learned to

  • crawl 4-6 steps as a real crawl (though you prefer the army/wiggle/scoot crawl that goes “faster” in your opinion. Mommy’s not complaining… I’m hoping you don’t learn how to really crawl… you’re already fast enough!)
  • get from your tummy into a sitting position
  • get from your tummy into a pulled up position on something low like a step
  • get your feet under you once again on something low so you’re standing at a 45 degree angle
  • blow raspberries in response to me doing the same
  • climb over every low lying object in your path with glee (not limited to objects… people are your favorite)
However, my favorite part about you, sweet Sedryn boy, is just how happy your are to be talked to.  Your smile is easy and for everyone (unless you’re sick or tired).  You crawl right up and join the fun.  You greet me with ridiculous grins after every nap.  It’s adorable.

Oh, and that curly wavy mess you call hair…  (swoon).

I love you.  Stay little a bit longer…