Happy Half-Birthday, Sedryn Boy!!!

I’m a little sad that this boy is 6 months now.  His first year is half over!  Yet at the same time I’m super excited.  The hard part of the first year is finished.  And the super FUN parts are just starting!

I’m so excited to report that he’s finally sleeping 8+ hours at night.  Wa-hoo!  He gets up at 6:30 (an early riser like daddy) and takes about 3 1.5 hour naps.  This momma is super excited about finding our groove.

Sedryn is still obsessed with his toes.  Only now he can reach them too so they’re even more exciting than rubbing his little ankles together endlessly.

He’s also no longer petrified of his sisters.  He’ll grab stuff from them or let them lay on top of him with no complaint.  Suddenly, he’s even started smiling at him when they acknowledge him.  Ofcourse, when they do acknowledge him, most of the time their shrieking something like “Baby, KICK me!” or “Baby, douch me!”  Pour guy, even with innocent intentions he’s already being accused of crimes.

The girls were late laugh-ers and Sedryn will be too.  When we tickle him or blow raspberries on his tummy or bulldoze him… all we get are bemused looks and lots of exhuberant grunting.  Boy, can this kid grunt!  It makes us laugh so hard.

I love you, Sedryn Boy!  I’m glad you’ve been given to us.