True Beauty Conversations: The Face of Beauty

Julia and I are exploring the meaning of Beauty, intersecting Beauty with the word of God, and letting Beauty live in our lives. Inspired by a joint feeling of just not measuring up in the beauty category, we’re tackling some hard questions:

  • What is Beauty? And does it reside in me?
  • And when my husband says that I’m beautiful, how can I receive those words as truth in a culture that says the opposite?
  • What am I going to teach my daughters about Beauty?
  • And most importantly, what does the Word of God say about Beauty?

Join us as we converse about a topic that touches the heart of all women.

Dearest Julia,

As I sit down to write this, I can see two little girls happily playing. They’re simply captivating as they chatter together, pull pans from their cupboard, and push around their toys. Their delicate features light up with laughter. Their capable hands do the work of play.

I sigh happy.

These girls,
my daughters,
are breathtakingly beautiful.

By they’re not beautiful because their daddy and I think so. And they’re not beautiful because everyone who sees them squeals delight to be the object of their attention.


No, my daughters (and your daughters too!) are beautiful because…

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