Greenville SC Mother’s Day Photography : A Present

Within moments the two little girls have slipped off their shoes and are giggling.

Greenville SC Fun Child Photographer

The little boy is scooting around on his bottom and attempting to find all the mischief that he can hold in his tiny hands.

Spartanburg SC Fun Child Photographer

Their mama and I we laugh the knowing laugh that two moms share over the joyous chaos of children.  We bring them all together and capture a gloriously real life image or two. Then decide to give them a moment to burn off their curiosity.


Greenville SC Emotional Mother's Day Photography-2Greenville SC Emotional Mother's Day Photography-4


That mischievous little boy shares a special moment just with mama while the girls run barefoot and free to explore.

Greenville SC Emotional Mother's Day Photography-1

Littlest girl comes back to her mama, snuggling right into the safety and warm nest of her love.


Emotional Greenville SC Mother's Day PhotographyGreenville SC Emotional Mother's Day Photography-5


Oldest girl is a spunky free spirit.  She comes back frequently to share her discoveries with me and mama.  She finds some camellias and tosses petals in the creek.  Little boy he makes his mama laugh.

I ask mama to sing and her little ones flock to her like ducklings, flitting about in the comfortable sound of her voice.

I whisper a secret to oldest girl and tell her what I need from her.  She brings her camellia and snuggles right into mama.

Emotional Greenville SC Mother's Day Photography-9Greenville SC Emotional Mother's Day Photography-6

We try once more for that image with all her children.  Success.


This mama and these babies will only be in this season for the present.  This season: it is a present.  We gather together and capture it so that they might remember these stories, these moments, this childhood, and the mother that shapes and treasures it all.


Greenville SC Emotional Mother's Day Photography-8


Would you like to have a record of your present with your littles or even your grown up children?  Would you like to wrap your arms around this moment and hold it dear for years?  I’d love to photograph you for Mother’s Day.  Contact me today to book your Greenville SC Mother’s Day Photography Mini Session.

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