6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC

Meet Graham who came for 6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC.  This little guy is pure and uninhibited joy.Greenville SC Baby Photographer

His spirit is curious and adventurous and he has the most delightful elbow and hand dimples.
6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC

His mama Jennifer is the sweetest soul and she’s one of my favorite people to come visit the studio.  She has this sweet spirit and always wants to know how our family is doing.  While I make it a goal to encourage mamas in my studio, Jennifer seems to do a better job that I do.Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

Together we talked about how seasons of stay-at-home mama-ness, can be so isolating.  About how hard it can be to find good friends or even to meet with new friends around baby nap schedules and errands that have to be ran.  We talked about how encouragement is so vital to every mom and how date nights are vital to marriages.Greer SC Baby Photographer

And meanwhile sweet Graham just kept hamming it up for the camera.  Or attempting to climb out of the boxes we put him in…2018-02-08_0039 Six Month Photos Greenville SC

So, mama of one in The Baby Year, Jenn and I want you to know that you’re not alone.   You’re not alone in the exhaustion or the loneliness.  You’re not alone in the feeling neglected.  You’re not alone in the wondering how to preserve your marriage.Greenville SC Baby Photos

You’re not alone in the longing for true friends or the longing for time with your true friends.  You’re not alone in the simultaneous treasuring of each moment and longing for bedtime and few minutes alone.natural baby photos Greenville SC

Take a risk, mama.  Share your heart with another mama, free of judgement and with a sweet open vulnerability.  Your new friend is probably the one sitting right next to you playgroup.  Or the photographer you’re hanging out with in her studio.Natural Baby Photos Simpsonville SC

I promise she probably feels the same way.Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

Interested in taking a load off at the studio while getting beautiful pictures of your baby?  I’d love to help you feel less alone.  Tell me what you’re thinking by clicking here.