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Timeless Six Month Photos Greenville SC

George came to me for his newborn portraits so I was delighted that he came back for Timeless Six Month Photos Greenville SC!

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

Simple Simpsonville SC Baby Photos

His mama’s picked out the cutest outfits from my studio wardrobe and George did not disappoint with in the personality department!

Greenville SC Baby Photographer

First, we got the classic confused look.

Timeless Six Month Photos Greenville SCsix month studio photographer

Then, we got a side eye or two.

Baby photographer Greer SC


Finally, George finished with an epic eye roll.  I promise that it was directed at me.  “Enough with the clicky box thing, crazy lady!”  But George’s mamas swear that the eye roll was for them.  “Would you please get me out of here and stop embarrassing me by singing those silly songs?”

Bed Studio Pictures of Baby Greenville SC

Either way, George really did enjoy being the focus of all three of our attention.  He probably needs to go into acting with all these incredible expressions.  Or at the least become the Gerber Baby!

Studio Baby Photographer Simpsonville SC Simpsonville SC Studio Photographer

I absolutely adore this 6-7 month age.  As George shows, this age has so much personality.  Your tiny baby is becoming a little person with opinions and thoughts.

Timeless baby Photos in the studio Greer SC

They’re also not yet in the separation anxiety or “stranger danger” stage so they are happy to be posed by me and to smile for me behind the camera.

Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

And finally, most 6-7 months old haven’t yet mastered crawling away from the camera.  And if they have… well, I can put them in a prop and there’s no danger of climbing out!

Greenville SC Timeless Baby Photographer

If you’re interested in capturing your baby in the sweet roly poly stage of 6-7 months, I’d love to serve you!  Your custom session includes planning, a large studio wardrobe to borrow from, and the ability to pick the images that will go into your digital package.

Baby Photographer Simpsonville

Contact me now to book your date for a Timeless Six Month Photos Greenville SC.  I can’t wait to hear your story!

Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

I love when my newborn clients choose me again as their Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer.  Here’s sweet Samuel at 6 weeks old.

Greer SC Newborn Photographer

And here is Samuel at one year old.  His joy is absolutely contagious!

Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

Samuel is an early walker which made him want to wander around the studio and touch all the things. But it also makes for some hilarious cake fun!

Simpsonville SC Cake Smash Photographer

Christine from the lovely Baking Sweet Scents does all of my cakes and I loved how this one turned out!
Greer SC Cake Smash photographer
And these fun paper banners and sweet fairy lights just made our time together that much more fun!

One Year Old studiio pictures Greenville SC

Of course, we just carried the decor over while Samuel took his post cake bath.

One year old pictures Simpsonville SC

I always tell my one year old parents that their kiddos will likely cry through either the cake or the bath.  One year olds are developmentally working through separation anxiety (even with a parent in the studio!) and becoming aware of so many new sensory experiences each day. Cake frosting can sometimes cause tears, but so can a bath in an unusual location.  Samuel was the rare baby not phased by either new experience.

One year old pictures Greer SC

He loved the bath and I about died when I saw the Santa Claus beard he gave himself.  There was just so much enthusiasm!

Simpsonsonville SC Studio Cake Smash One Year photos

However, all one year olds tire out pretty fast so by the time the end of our session neared, Samuel was just tired.

One year Old Photographer Greenville SCDetails of baby photos

But, of course, a few snuggles from mama are the perfect thing to fix a small case of the grumpies.

Mothers Day Photos Greenville SC

Mothers Day Photos Simpsonville SC

This mama series is one of my very favorite I’ve ever taken.  I’m such a sucker for the relationship between mother and child.  The joy and the growth they inspire in each other takes my breath away.

Mommy and Me Pictures Greenville SC

Looking to record your own little one’s Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer?  I’d love to work with you!  Shoot me an email and let me know what you’re envisioning.

Mothers Day Photos Greer SC

Greenville SC Twin Natural Cake Smash Photos

Remember twins Ford and Emerson?  These two little loves came for their newborn session.

Greenville SC Natural Twin Newborn Baby Photographer

Now they’re back for their Greenville SC Twin Natural Cake Smash Photos!2018-02-02_0028

Jessica requested simple, neutral, and causal for their smash set up.  I have to admit, that is my favorite type of cake smash.  I love keeping things simple so that the focus remains on your sweet baby.

Simple Boy Girl Twin Cake Smash Greenville SCBoy Girl Twin Cake Smash Greenville SC


We grabbed some eucalyptus, some cotton, fresh dahlias, bark plaques, moss, and the cutest twin naked cakes from Baking Sweet Scents (Christine is the best!!!).  Add in the adorable outfits from Cora & Violet and we had the perfect simple set.


But even when you have the perfect set, babies may not destroy the cake.  And while we made a huge mess and had plenty of nibbles, these two remained pretty clean :)

Twin Cake Smash Greenville SC STealing cake

However, just like adults, baby twins always think the cake looks better on the other side. I guess they’ll soon learn that all cake is delicious!

Bubble Bath after cake smash Greenville SC

After we played in the cake we took some portraits in these sweet monogrammed rompers that mama had got for their party.

Greenville SC Twin Photographer

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I did a Photoshop trick called a head swap on this photo.  It really is hard to get both babies to look and smile at a the same time.  One of them was blinking in this image so I used another image for that baby’s face. This type of magic isn’t always possible since the angles have to be the same, but when it is I always use it!

Baby Twins Wrestling Greenville SC

Jessica,  you and your husband have done such an amazing job conquering the difficulties of the first year with twins. You’ve done so with grace and a sense of humor intact.  So much humor that you picked the twin hulk smash images for your final gallery!!! I love it!

Cake Smash Photographer Simple Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer Greenville SC One Year Session Photographer Greenville SC

As you go into the year with double the no’s and twice the feet running in opposite directions, may you keep that humor.  It’s so hard, but I promise their sweet twin bond and your joy over them will be sweeter each and every year. It’s worth it.

Simpsonville SC Twin Photographer

Looking for a simple cake smash for your twins or singleton? I’d love to serve you. Contact me today with your vision. 



Studio Timeless Sibling Photo Session Greenville SC

Sweet sisters Elin and Emeri came to the studio for a Studio Timeless Sibling Photo Session Greenville SC! Can these two be any cuter?

I always tell parents that ages 18 month to 3 years old are absolute wild cards in the studio.  There’s a lot that parents can do to prep them for a session, but in actually these ages call the shot and Elin was no different!2018-03-01_0002

She wasn’t a huge fan of looking my way but mommy says she still talks about being in the studio with me!

However, we did coax one smile from Elin.

2018-03-01_0006But even if she had not smiled at all, this sweet series of images pretty much encapsulates the precociousness that is a two year old.  I loved it so much!


Emeri, on the other hand, was so full of smile and joy that I wish I could have bottled it up!  Three months is a super fun age!

I mean can we get a cuter grin?2018-03-01_0007

I had so much fun dressing Elin up in the studio wardrobe for babies that all clients can use.

Interested in scheduling a special photo session to remember your little ones just as they are now?  I’d love to hear from you.  Drop me a note today!

6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC

Meet Graham who came for 6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC.  This little guy is pure and uninhibited joy.Greenville SC Baby Photographer

His spirit is curious and adventurous and he has the most delightful elbow and hand dimples.
6 month Studio Sitter Pictures Greenville SC

His mama Jennifer is the sweetest soul and she’s one of my favorite people to come visit the studio.  She has this sweet spirit and always wants to know how our family is doing.  While I make it a goal to encourage mamas in my studio, Jennifer seems to do a better job that I do.Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

Together we talked about how seasons of stay-at-home mama-ness, can be so isolating.  About how hard it can be to find good friends or even to meet with new friends around baby nap schedules and errands that have to be ran.  We talked about how encouragement is so vital to every mom and how date nights are vital to marriages.Greer SC Baby Photographer

And meanwhile sweet Graham just kept hamming it up for the camera.  Or attempting to climb out of the boxes we put him in…2018-02-08_0039 Six Month Photos Greenville SC

So, mama of one in The Baby Year, Jenn and I want you to know that you’re not alone.   You’re not alone in the exhaustion or the loneliness.  You’re not alone in the feeling neglected.  You’re not alone in the wondering how to preserve your marriage.Greenville SC Baby Photos

You’re not alone in the longing for true friends or the longing for time with your true friends.  You’re not alone in the simultaneous treasuring of each moment and longing for bedtime and few minutes alone.natural baby photos Greenville SC

Take a risk, mama.  Share your heart with another mama, free of judgement and with a sweet open vulnerability.  Your new friend is probably the one sitting right next to you playgroup.  Or the photographer you’re hanging out with in her studio.Natural Baby Photos Simpsonville SC

I promise she probably feels the same way.Simpsonville SC Baby Photographer

Interested in taking a load off at the studio while getting beautiful pictures of your baby?  I’d love to help you feel less alone.  Tell me what you’re thinking by clicking here.